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Motivational Rankings

Top 50 Motivational Rankings – 2/11/23-3/11/23

Welcome to the Top 50! This is the part where you’re really happy, or – and this is the usual response – you wish to get motivated. Just a reminder – three of the 4 semi-finalists had the #1 at some point of the year (and the other one got to #5) so I sort of know what I’m talking about. Sometimes. But please have fun. And as for my prerequisites…

  1. Style points count.
  2. Keep in mind that with over 200 teams competing (with an increase of teams) this season, this list represents less than the top 25% of the UBA. If you’re on here, consider that some kudos.
  3. If you’re not in the Top 4 in your district, you’re not here. That means we’re getting a lot of movement early.
  4. This is for fun. Don’t get salty, get motivated.
  5. Yes, I know there’s districts with byes. And yes, if it’s a close race, sometimes teams will fall out due to said byes. I learned my lesson last year when teams with byes complained about that. When I decided to be nice and rewarded teams with extra spots, said teams didn’t make the playoffs because they didn’t get the points needed when the teams over them had byes and I looked like more of a moron than usual. This season, if you try to use that argument, I will just mention that Nice is a city in France and send you on your way. Deal with it.
  6. I love all feedback, so keep it coming πŸ™‚

So here we go with this week’s rankings….

CURRENT PLAY NOTES: Tour Stops from February go here. Megabowl is NOT included (as the results aren’t completely finalized)

  1. Pocket Kingz (178 / 6: NJNW – 1st Place: Was 1)
    They are still in stasis, so they get to hang out here. That changes this upcoming weekend.
  2. The Arsenal (260 / 9: NJNE 1st Place: Was 8)
    A 134-26 record for the past 4 matches have put them in control of the NJNE.
  3. Outrage (260 / 9: DMV North 1st Place: Was 13)
    Some of the credentials that are on this list include things like dominating the district you’re in and winning lots of things (Team Rankings, Unholy, etc.). Outrage is once again starting to hit the checkmarks.
  4. Menace II Society (206 / 7: Queen City 1st Place: Was 9)
    The scary thing about this team is that they are winning and have already taken their bye. Is this the new Southeastern powerhouse?
  5. Identity Crisis (308 / 11: New England North 1st Place: Was 6)
    Their 60 point lead will vanish once they take their bye, but it’s still really impressive as they look to improve the mess they made during last season’s playoffs.
  6. New World Order (230 / 8: Triad 1st place: Was 10)
    A few wins put the NWO back in the right direction.
  7. Murder Inc. (136 / 5: NWNJ 3rd Place: Was 11)
    They get to hang out with the Pocket Kingz this weekend.
  8. Secret Society (251 / 9: PA South 2nd Place Was 16)
    They haven’t lost since Tour Stop #2. Is taking back first place in the District that far behind?
  9. Outkasts (227 / 8: Capital 1st Place / Was 18)
    Retook first place in the Capital and did it by defeating the Hitmen. Impressive.
  10. High Octane (208 / 7: Sandhills 2nd Place: Was 20)
    7 points behind Synergy, who have yet to take their bye.
  11. Beach Brawlers (208 / 8: Inner Coastal T-1st Place: was 21)
    The loss and less than impressive recent wins mean that someone else is on their beach helping them build sand castles.
  12. Total Chaos (208 / 8: Inner Coastal T-1st Place: NEW)
    Total Chaos makes their debut on the Top 50. Going 100-20 for the past 3 matches and winding up in a tie in the Inner Coastal usually makes other teams take notice. Now can they stay there?
  13. Secret Invasion (206 / 7: Metro 3rd Place: Was 17)
    They still haven’t lost a match. Should they keep that trend up, they will take over first after the 2 teams in front of them take their byes.
  14. Carolina Swag (228 / 8: Triad 2nd place: Was 22)
    A 3 win match streak of their own puts C-Swag 2 points behind the New World Order.
  15. Hitmen (220 / 8: Capital 2nd place: Was 2)
    Channeling my inner Decker – if he was here, he’d say that the Hitmen aren’t as good as last year’s version and don’t deserve to be in the Top 50. That’s my inner Decker speaking. not me, because they are still in the Top 50.
  16. X-It Woundz (140 / 6: NJNW 2nd Place: Was 24)
    When you get to hang out and everyone around you takes losses, you move up 9 spots. Hanging out is over this weekend.
  17. Team Matrix (239 / 9: NJ Shore 1st Place: Was 3)
    They did get a win – but they also took an L. Ls don’t work out too well here.
  18. The Fury (224 / 8: NE South 1st Place: Was 25)
    They got their swagger back and built enough equity so they can take their bye and still remain in first place – or at least be ahead of their other teams who also haven’t taken the bye.
  19. All In! (236 / 9: PA North 1st Place: Was 5)
    I’m not sure if taking 12 points from a team that they absolutely should have beaten up or Jonathan Dansbury being the #1 Contender to the Heavyweight title is closer to one of the 4 signs of the upcoming Apocalypse.
  20. Nation of Domination (234 / 8: NJ South 1st Place Was 27)
    Despite that recent blip, the NOD are still very comfortable in the NJ South.
  21. Magna Carta (226 / 9: DMV South 2nd Place: Was 26)
    A very quiet team that keeps winning. Can they make some noise when July shows up?
  22. D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. (198 / 7: Queen City 2nd Place: was 40)
    Going 40-0 and having taken their bye while sliding into second place in the Queen City is a very good month for the newbie team.
  23. Spartanberg Savages (188 / 7: Deep South 1st Place: Was 14)
    Daphne Smith won her Megabowl Match! Yay! Before that, they took 8 points in the tour stop, Boo!
  24. Impact (240 / 9: DMV Central 1st Place: Was 29)
    Winning 36-4 to keep your spot in the DMV central was nice, but the old Impact team from last year wouldn’t have gone a combined 34-46 the 2 matches previously to need to go 36-4. Still not looking like last year’s version.
  25. Str8 Bizness Cartel (239 / 9: DMV South 1st Place: Was 34)
    Now that’s more like it. ‘That’ being defined as the 35-5 pasting this past tour stop.
  26. Class aXe (228 / 8: Metro 1st Place: Was 15)
    Sure they won 36-4 last time out, but losing to Apocalypse before then was no bueno.
  27. Beast Squad (203 / 7: Sandhills 3rd Place: Was 35)
    They haven’t lost outright since match #2 (though there was a recent tie). More importantly, they set themselves up nicely once Synergy has to take their inevitable bye…
  28. Synergy (215 / 8: Sandhills 1st Place: Was 19)
    …which is why Synergy is placed right here, and is no longer expected to have first place in the Sandhills after they take their bye.
  29. N.W.O. Wolfpack (218 / 9: DMV Central 2nd Place: Was 31)
    We are starting to see what the NWO can do when they are not in a district with a team named Outrage in it.
  30. Usual Suspects (254 / 9: PA South 1st Place: Was 36)
    They took first place back, but this seems to be a back and forth thing between them and Secret Society. The placements of where each team is (and their loss to said Secret Society) shows the work they need to do.
  31. High Voltage (210 / 8: Capital 3rd Place: Was 46)
    Now on a 4 Tour Stop winning streak. Quietly making noise in the Capital District.
  32. Conspiracy Theory (206 / 8: Triad 3rd Place: Was 23)
    There’s no Conspiracy that if you only take 16 points in a match that you will fall a few spots in the Top 50
  33. Lane Crashers (212 / 8: Brooklyn/Queens 1st place: NEW)
    We welcome the Lane Crashers back to the Top 50 as they take over the top spot in the BQ. The only reason why they are not higher is because with 5 teams separated by 18 points, they could be out just as quickly as they are in.
  34. Royal Flush (222 / 9: Long Island T-1st Place: Was 32)
    Being .500 for the past 4 matches probably means that 1st place is going to go bye bye when they take their bye.
  35. Long Island Legends (222 / 9: Long Island T-1st Place: NEW)
    Speaking of said team Royal Flush is tied with – hi there! They made the playoffs last season and are looking to repeat the feat.
  36. Striking Vipers (198 / 8 Inner Coastal: 3rd Place Was 30)
    They did take 16, so the damage is minimal. For now.
  37. Hot Pockets (209 / 9: DMV Central 3rd Place: Was 43)
    They did win, but it was not convincingly, so maybe they are lukewarm pockets?
  38. Latino All-Stars (212 / 9: NJNE 2nd Place NEW)
    They made it into the Top 50 with some big wins over the past few matches. They will need to keep producing at this level in order to make the playoffs.
  39. M.O.P. Nation Militia (248 / 11: New England North 2nd Place: Was 28)
    Doing enough to maintain second place. Not doing enough to stop Identity Crisis from running away with the district.
  40. Toms River Rats (198 / 8: NJ Shore 2nd Place: NEW)
    The Rats are finding a new spot on the Top 50 while being the next team to attempt to extricate some cheese from Team Matrix.
  41. Reaper Crew (186 / 8: NJ Shore 3rd Place: Was 48)
    At least they got their footing back with a win. Now they have to make up a 53 point gap between them and Matrix. Doing very well when Matrix takes their bye would help.
  42. Wasted Potential (190 / 8: Deep South 2nd Place: NEW)
    Welcome to the Top 50 from the cornucopia that is the Deep South. There’s 11 teams and 10 of them are at .500 or better. Sheesh.
  43. International Flavors (212 / 9: NJNE 3rd Place NEW)
    A number of years ago, International Flavors did a lot of damage in the NYC. They are looking to reaccomplish the feat in the NENJ and it looks like they may be succeeding.
  44. Rollin’ Rebels (197 / 8: Sandhills 4th Place: Was 49)
    Well they did get a win and they have a 30+ point lead over 5th place. Will that be good enough to keep a playoff spot when they take their bye?
  45. Mill City Mayhem (234 / 10: New England North 3rd Place: Was 7)
    They could move up to second when MOP take their bye and they are comfortably looking at a playoff spot. All of that being said, they are looking at a big hole from first place.
  46. Doverama Dawg Pound (206 / 9: PA South 4th Place Was 50th)
    They just obtained a few big wins so their gap is 22 points when they have to take their bye. So you’re saying there’s a chance….
  47. Dysfunctional Bowlers (209 / 9: NJNE 4th Place Was 42)
    Look at the shiny belts and the 4th spot in the NJNE. Can they maintain both?
  48. Suicide Squad (200 / 8: Long Island 4th Place: Was 4)
    They were in the #4 spot. And then they took 4 points, which dropped them all the way down to 4th in their division. They may want to start thinking in lower numbers, because if they start playing with the number 5, they could be committing harikiri themselves.
  49. Train Wreck (174 / 8: NJ Shore 4th Place: Was 44)
    Wreck is a good description of that 6 point disaster at their last tour stop.
  50. JustUs League (195 / 8: Brooklyn/Queens 4th Place: Was 38)
    They have 195 after 9 tour stops. The team under them has 194 after 8 tour stops. This is not looking good for the JustUs league, who may need to take some lessons from Shazam’s team, or the Justice Society. or something.

NEXT FIVE IN:, APEX Predators, High Powered, Bulletproof, Voodoo, DHS

OUT (For Now): Wrecking Crew, G-Town Heavy Hitters. Total Mayhem, Hell Yeah, Carolina Gatekeepers. Ice Nation, Top Gunz


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