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Weekend Preview

Who In the South will be Standing?

Could it be the Beach Brawlers?

What to do this weekend? If you’re in the Southeast? Plenty. Let’s go…

  1. Southeast Last Team Standing – Which team in the Southeast will be the best?
  2. WCS Title Match – Sean Wade Vs. Jerry Didway – The WCS Matches are going to be classics this time around – can The World Champion Sean Wade hold on or will Jerry Didway finally achieve his world title dream?
  3. WCS Southeast Heavyweight Title Match – Nick Christie Vs. the loser of Wade Vs. Didway – Speaking of former world champions….hi, Nick!
  4. WCS Vixen’s Title Match – Daphne Smith Vs. Kasey Parnell – This should be an epic clash between two of the greats in the Southeast
  5. WCS Tag Team Match – NWO Vs. Hitmen – Do Hitmen win everything? We shall find out this weekend.


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