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District Preview

Deep South predictions – From Ray Gillespie

Ray Gillespie breaks down the Deep South

(NOTE: This is from Southeast World Charmpionship Series Coordinator Ray Gillespie, who happens to be a member of Complete Anarachy. Hence, opionated mileage may vary.)

12. Krusty Krew: Cute name and logo but with no themed nicknames, their first season could be a huge disappointment. (Odds of making the playoffs 50:1)

11. Body Snatchers: Did this perennial bottom dwelling team do the proper recruiting for this season? I’m currently only seeing 18 bowlers on the roster so it will depend on their ability to travel. (40:1)

10. Wasted Potential: They have but a few great stops together every year. They do have the ability to make the playoffs, but that potential is going to be wasted again. (35:1)

9. Southern Asylum: Took the year off because…. well, no idea why they took the year off but thanks for coming back lol. (30:1)

8. Carolina Gatekeepers: This team has been showing up to bowl at some places, but will it translate to UBA success? Meh. There are a few UBA familiar faces to this new team, but it takes the right mix to see if they will be successful. (15:1)

7. Augusta Reign: They knocked the regular season champs out of the playoffs but were they lucky, or good? A combination of both is my guess. It’s going to take some work to get back to the playoffs with 4 additional district teams. Will it happen? Doubt it. (14:1)

6. Dirty South Legends: A collection of great bowlers that can’t get their big names to bowl when needed. Will this year be the same, or different? My money is on the same BUT 2 of the first 3 stops are deep in GA so maybe a good start may generate a better turnout later on in the season. (12:1)

5. The Outsiders: If they can avoid a letdown in year 2, they can be a few breaks away from cracking the top 4. The ability to grow their roster and have depth will define their success. (10:1)

4. High Caliber: Started from some former WCS successful Savages, this team has the leadership to be successful – but what about the local talent? Time will tell. (7:1)

3. Spartanburg Savages: Great season last year but fell apart with a quick playoff exit and the loss of some key bowlers. They have added some new faces but are they all UBA ready? Time will tell but they are expected to make the playoffs again. (4:1)

2. BUFU: Somehow this team keeps reloading when it seems destined to fall apart. If Leonard can stay out of Facebook jail, maybe he can keep this team near the top. (3:1)

1.Complete Anarchy: Made it to the final 4 in the SE Conference before coming up short against Hitmen. Will they be able to avoid a sophomore slump and with the regular season this time AND make the deep playoff run? Yep 😊 (5:2)

Gordon’s Picks: Complete Anarchy, BUFU, Spartanberg Savages, High Caliber


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