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Motivational Rankings

Top 50 Motivational Rankings for 6/4/22-6/10/22

Team Ranking matches count.

More notes before we start:

  1. Style points count. You’ll see that down the list.
  2. Just a reminder, I’m a ‘What have you done for me lately’ guy, so a team that did great last year but is bowling like dishwater now is not going to be on this list.
  3. If you’re not in a play-off spot in your district. You’re not making the list.
  4. While #1 is Tour Stop Play, Team Rankings / WCS / Tournament Results DO count here, because if they do well and a team uses these people in a UBA Tour Stop, then there’s no reason why not to think they will be just as good at a tour stop as they are in a tournament, etc.
  5. Keep in mind that with over 200 teams competing this season, this list represents less than the top 25% of the UBA. If you’re on here, consider that some kudos.
  6. This is for fun. Don’t get salty, get motivated.
  7. I love all feedback, so keep it coming 🙂

So here we go with this week’s rankings….

CURRENT PLAY NOTE: Match Play up to – but not including – the weekend of June 3.

  1. Outrage (392-128 / 1st, DMV North) (Was 2)
    Congratulations to Outrage for winning the DMV North
  2. Hitmen (388-92 / 1st, Capital) (Was 1)
    The Hitmen didn’t do much because they didn’t bowl their tour stop, but the one thing they did do was lose to Synergy in Team Rankings. If you want to be in first, you can’t be losing anything to anyone.
  3. Conspiracy Theory (354-126 / 1st, Queen City) (Was 4)
    South stuff shows up soon.
  4. AC Express (327-113 / 1st, NJ South) (Was 5)
    Can they win the NJ South?
  5. High Octane (324-116 / 1st, Sandhills) (Was 8)
    Going to be boring when the South hasn’t played yet.
  6. G.O.A.T. (319-161 / 1st, Triad) (Was 9)
    So this will be changing, but not yet.
  7. Team Matrix (316-164 / 1st, NJ Shore) (Was 10)
    They get to hold on to a playoff spot.
  8. The Arsenal (326-114 / 1st, NJ Northeast) (Was 16)
    One more win and they take the NJNE
  9. BC Crew (280-160 / 2nd, Long Island) (Was 11)
    Continuing to move up due to other teams playing badly.
  10. Da Garden Foundation (308-172 / 1st, NJ Northwest) (Was 12)
    8 points = NJNW district.
  11. Usual Suspects (308-172 / 1st, PA South) (Was 13)
    Can they hold on?
  12. DC Mafia (336-144 / 1st, DMV South) (Was 19)
    DMV South Champions
  13. Identity Crisis (301-139 / 1st, NE North) (Was 18)
    Winners of the NE North
  14. Legacy (299-141 / 2nd, NJ Northeast) (Was 15)
    They have shown that they can beat Arsenal. Can they take enough points?
  15. New England Heat (296-114 / 1st, New England South) (Was 25)
    They have been dominant in the New England South. Congratulations on the clinch.
  16. Lightz Out (341-139 / 1st, Brooklyn/Queens) (Was 17)
    This weekend will reveal all…
  17. Royal Flush (308-132 / 1st, Long Island) (Was 14)
    That 38-2 win was more like it.
  18. Impact (355-125 / 2nd, DMV North) (Was 3)
    Knowing that they lost against Outrage, and knowing that they have to beat them again if they want to continue into the playoffs puts them here.
  19. Apocalypse (280-120 / 1st, Bronx) (Was 33)
    Figured it out to the point where clinching the Bronx will be inevitable.
  20. Spartanberg Savages (309-171 / 1st, Deep South) (Was 6)
    South play this weekend,
  21. Sub-Zero (286-194 / 2nd, Triad) (Was 40)
    See above
  22. Reality Check (334-146 / 1st, Inner Coastal) (Was 7)
    See above, above
  23. Murder Inc. (275-205 / 2nd, NJ Northwest) (Was 21)
    Can they shock the world against DGF?
  24. X-It Woundz (272-208 / 3rd, NJ Northwest) (Was 22)
    They can finish anywhere from second to out.
  25. Philly Horsemen (269-131 / 1st, PA North) (was 26)
    Big match coming up against All In!
  26. Bulletproof (280-160 / 2nd, NJ South) (Was 30)
    Looking Solid coming into the final tour stop.
  27. Disorderly Conduct (283-157 / 3rd, Triad) (Was 20)
    Have some work to do this weekend
  28. Latino All-Stars (269-171 / 4th, NJ Northeast) (Was 24)
    If they take care of business they could be a thorn in someone’s side.
  29. King’s Court (296-184 / 2nd, Queen City) (Was 27)
    One good week and they get a good seed for the playoffs. One bad week and they don’t see the playoffs.
  30. The Replacements (294-186 / 2nd, NJ Shore) (Was 29)
  31. Rival Alliance (300-180 / 2nd, PA South) (Was 31)
    This weekend will be fun.
  32. NJ Drillers (261-179 / 3rd, NJ Shore) (Was 32)
    Get up those drill bits.
  33. Magna Carta (305-175 / 2nd, DMV South) (Was 36)
    Playoffs? Did somebody say playoffs?
  34. Most Wanted (305-175 / 2nd, DMV South) (Was 50)
  35. Hot Pockets (283-197 / 3rd, DMV North) (Was 37)
    Another new playoff-bound team.
  36. Project Mayhem (257-183 / 4th, Long Island) (Was 35)
    5 teams looking for 4 slots.
  37. Rollin’ Rebels (278-162 / 2nd, Sandhills) (Was 41)
    One of the few non-first teams with not much to play for because they know their seed.
  38. Motion 2 Strike (286-114 / 2nd, Inner Coastal) (Was 42)
    They. on the other hand. have work to do this weekend.
  39. The Franchise (301-179 / 2nd, Brooklyn/Queens) (NEW)
    Any chance we see a certain PBA bowler this weekend?
  40. Train Wreck (285-155 / 3rd, NJ Shore) (Was 43)
    Avoid the chasm!
  41. Wrecking Crew (293-147 / 3rd, Brooklyn/Queens) (Was 43)
    Possible return to the playoffs and glory coming up?
  42. Pocket Kingz (268-172 / 4th, NJ Northwest) (Was 39)
    A win gets them i…well, they don’t even need a win. Just don’t suck.
  43. Voodoo (252-148 / 2nd, PA North) (Was 48)
    Any spells for Round Robin play?
  44. The M.O.B. (290-190 / 3rd Queen City) (Was 46)
    Win or be out of this list quickly.
  45. The Watchmen (282-198 / 3rd, Inner Coastal) (Was 47)
    This weekend will help determine things.
  46. Secret Society (278-202 / 3rd, PA South) (Was 48)
    In a great position to make the playoffs.
  47. All In! (243-157 / 3rd, PA North) (Was 50)
    If the horsemen trample them this weekend, they shall be in trouble.
  48. Silver Lanes Express (278-162 / 2nd, New England South) (Was 50)
    The bye cost them first, but they are in great shape to make the playoffs.
  49. Class aXe (286-154 / 4th NJ Northeast) (Was 23)
    It’s a good thing they got all of that equity in the first 9 matches, because they are giving it back in the last 3.
  50. Killerz Grip (270-170 / 4th, Long Island) (Was 34)
    Here we go again with you guys. Can you make up your mind if you want to be in or out please?

NEXT 5 In: Reloaded, Silent Killerz, Tom’s River Rats, Outkasts, Complete Anarchy
OUT: None


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