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Josh Pittman Retains the World Title

Josh Pittman defeats James Kniffen Jr. to hold on to the World Heavyweight belt.

Josh Pittman, UBA World Heavyweight Champion. Get used to it through at least the Fall.

Buoyed by the tones of PBA legend Randy Pedersen and views by both the UBA Cameras and Flobowling, Pittman takes care of business and defeats UBA Southeast Champion James Kniffen 4-1 to retain the heavyweight belt.

There are times that people don’t want history to repeat itself, Consider James Kniffen one of those people. He did like the repeat to the World Title stage, as he edged out Northeast Champion DUcky Russell by a 4-3 count. But the history he’d like to change – and didn’t – was the last time he faces Pittman, where he lost by an identical 4-3 count.

Speaking of history repeating, most of the incumbents did just that. Hermie Hannibal (Northeast Vixen), Bryan Andes (Northeast Cruiserweight), Eddie Williams / Karla Pereira (Capped Tag Team) and Dave Nagelhout / Matthew Frei-Funk (Uncapped Tag Team) repeated their wins from the previous month and successfully defended their title.

However, someone didn’t. Lisa Williams, fresh off winning the title in July, lost it in August to Ian Greene, who becomes the new Welterweight Champion.

Both Heavyweight champions must defend in September. For everyone else, they get to relax until October, where they get to defend. Stay tuned to see all of the match-ups.


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