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Tour Stop #2 – Menace II Society – 28, High Point Hot Shots – 12

Tanya Porter shoots a 635 and led HPHS to a 10-0 sweep and won it by an impressive 214 pins. The problems is that they needed her in some of the other spots, because MIIS won the other 2 pairs by a whopping 526 pins to take the wood and the match.

Though to be fair, HPHS ran into a buzz-saw. Fred Cantrell Jr (745) and Nick Christy (715) threw 7’s while Connor Pickford (679) and Immanuel Caldwell (671) tossed in some high 6’s for MIIS as they stan in the front pack. HPHS will eventually not play a team that throws the whole artillery at them – but not this match.