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Tour Stop #2 – Augusta Reign 34, B.U.F.U. – 6

I know a bunch of people are talking about a jersey issue in the match. What they should really be talking about is Tom Tornow’s 721, Courtney Bentley’s 711, and the Reign winning all 3 pairs and taking the wood by 526, which makes the whole jersey thing irrelevant.

BUFU made this one a lot closer than the score indicates. Jeff Sisson (741), Leon Platt Jr (692), James Jacobs (688) and Eddie Langdon (624) perform, but they lose scratch by 26, and the handicap pair #1 by 36, so that more cost them the match than anything else.

Steve Nunn (697) and Mark Downs (683) keep the crown on Reign as they start the season 72-8. Tie will tell if they win any crowns.