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Match #1 – Kryptonite – 22, Vipers – 18

This is a weird, and I mean weird scoring set up.

Kryptonite had the much better scoring set. Dallas Adcock Jr. and Joseph Robinson shoot matching 660’s and Bobby Reece Jr.’s 652 gives Kryptonite the wood and the win by 110.

But why, despite all that (and only Brandon Britton Sr.’s 646 for the Vipers) is it 22-18?

Here’s the answer: The Vipers win 5 of the 9 games and take two series of wood from 2 pairs.  And in all of those, only 1 margin was more than 40 pins. Hence the Vipers win all of the close games to salvage this, while Kryptonite may be kicking themselves over the 18 points they let slip through their fingers.