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Match #1 – Total Chaos – 28, Violators – 12

When word gets around that the Violators didn’t have a scratch squad show up, people are going to talk about how Total Chaos got an easy win. The fact of the matter is that Total Chaos should be very happy that The Violators scratch team didn’t show up, because their own scratch team didn’t show up either; as a unit they shot 119 pins under average, and it gets worse if you remove David Bieggi’s 289/245/205/739.

Thomas Lamb 3rd (290) and James Coaxum put up matching 625’swhile Melvin Ricks (623) and Crystal Ricks (606) add 6’s for the Violators, who actually outpoint TC 12-0. But wihle that’s a nice victory to have, it’s only a moral one, as TC’s David Armstrong (265/212/670), Stephen Howell (630) and Jason Gates (612) do enough for the win.