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Match #1 – Top Gunz – 22, Da Takeover – 18

When Top Gunz got Randy Battistus during the Opt Out period, they knew how good of a bowler he was. They got the dividends out early, as Battistus shoots a 737 and that, along with Brandon Cutrupi’s 738, gives the scratch team a 339 pin win on the trios and a 148 pin win on the Wood.

It’s good for them that they did that, because they lost almost everything else. Daquan Green (705), And HotRod Sharpe (642) help the handicap pair go 18-2 while Mike Potoski (680) does what he can on their scratch side, to salvage the near-tie.

Joseph Wenck throws in a 740 for the Gunz, who start the year maybe not blazing, but at least a little bank in their step.