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Match #1 – Rhino’s Express – 30, Da Hit Squad – 10

Not a lot of people saw this one coming.

Most of them figure DHS’s scratch pair would dominate the Express, which they did. One of the biggest splashes of the off-season was when former WCS Heavyweight Champion Alex Prell jumped to DHS. Looks like it’s a nice pick-up for them as he and Frank Maynard Jr. (631) lead the scratch pair to the 270 pin sweep.

About those handicap squads though….

Anyone in DHS’ handicap squads not named Edward Peres (232/200/+55) shot a combined 365 pins UNDER average, which in turn resulted in them giving back the 270 and adding 43 on top of it – and said 43 is the difference in the match. Ouch.

Warrick Burgess (647) and Joseph Adams (639) gives the Express the improbable win and could leave DHS wondering if this loss is going to haunt them later on in the season.