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Match #1 – Motion 2 Strike – 32, Phoenix Fire – 8

Motion To Strike sort of copied from Phoenix Fire’s team name this match. MTS brought a whole lot of fire power – Kevin Koviak shoots trey (300 / 247 / 236 / 793) and he had plenty of help from teammates William Harrell (who shot a 300 of his own for a 704 series),  Joshua Miller (755), WIlliam Hill (686) and Dion Gatling (664).

That’s not to say the Fire didn’t try to fight fire with fire;  Robert Stone goes 279/235/217/731 and Oppie Sheffield Jr adds a 660. But while PF had that, they also had a handicap trios that shot a combined 165 pins under average and lost their pair by an unmpressive 393 pins. Most teams don’t recover from that and the PF weren’t the exception to the rule. They take the loss while MTS starts off red hot.