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Match #1 – MOP Nation Militia – 28, Auburn Maulers – 12

Joey Nereu loves to talk about his team and how they like to travel. If they keep this up, they may be going back to NJ for the playoffs. MOP start off the season with a commanding 210 pin win over the Maulers.

What makes it even more impressive is that Nereu wasn’t the lead scorer – Jim Handy Jr and his 787 was. Don Frye shows up with a 728 before we get to Nereu’s 718. There’s more – Shawn Boyd (696), Jayme Silva (667), Tony Bennett (655) and Joshua Corum (640) join the strike parade.

Anthony Swenson leads Auburn with a 697 as his pair goes 10-0 and wins by 181. That being said, you can tell how little help he got when no one else on his team broke Bennett’s 655 and the other 2 squads lose by a combined 391 pins. That would be a mauling.