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Match #1 – Mill City Mayhem – 34, Excalibur – 6

The royal king has decreed that Excalibur shall compete this day, and Merlin, to help his namesake team, has cast a spell on Mill City Mayhem to make one of their bowlers vanish, so they have to take a 170 blind on the scratch side.

Ah, but the evil Mordred, the knave that he is, casts the spell of open-itis on Excalibur. The spell didn’t work on Ceferino Sanchez (with a nice 697), but it nailed the rest of the team, as they shoot a COMBINED 634 PINS UNDER AVERAGE. Egads, says Sir Lance-a-notsomuch, as Excalibur doth receiveth a royal thrashing.

Bill Sheehey (676), Derek Huggins (650), Dennis Bedard (635) and Joseph Bourhill (616) sire their steeds to their first win of this season. As for Excalibur, well….they shot like butt of newt and still got 6 points out of it, so there’s nowhere else to go but up.