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Match #1 – Killerz Grip – 26, BC Crew – 14

There’s always been some sort of a fun rivalry between the BC Crew and the Killerz Grip. It got a little more fun on the sighting of one Brian Ziesig, as his 692 (along with Anthony D’Elia’s 711) gives KG’s scratch the 163 pin sweep. They hold on to the wood by 114, and hence win the match.

While BC Crew did get a 694 from Jermaine ‘Stewie’ West, and a 654 from Ian Lang, their high octane offense was a little less high octane – no one else broke a 650 and that’s not going to get it done against KG, who also gets a 678 from Andrew Mienkiewicz.

I have a feeling though that we haven’t seen the last of this rivalry this season. It would be really disappointing if this is the only time we see them in play – and based on their history, a playoff rematch wouldn’t be surprising at all.