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Match #1 – Hitmen – 34, Death Row – 6 (Pending Appeal)

Protest not-withstanding, this was a fun little match that was still close – until the Hitmen won the their last games by a combined 223 pins, which locked down the wood.

Chris Arroyo’s 268 (724), Bobby Benton’s 245 (718) and Daniel Turner’s 237 (616) made that possible from the scratch side, while Tommy Bryant’s 279 (637) and Brianna Koonts’ 211 made that possible from the handicap side.

Death Row got their share of 6’s from Josh Klock (688), James Smothers (685), Timothy Flinchum (658), Donald Freeman (632), Robert Parsons (627) and John Kopp (616). It was good, but not good enough – and not when Rudy Brantley (729) and Jamil Campbell (268/700) adds 7’s for the Hitmen.