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Match #1 – X-Men – 30, Game Over – 10

Zecharia Gentle led everyone with a 733.  The rest of the X-Men shot a combined 633 pins UNDER average. In the words of Charles Barkley, that’s Terrrrrrriiiiible.

But this was from the WINNING TEAM THAT TOOK 30 POINTS.

And that’s because Game Over SHOT A COMBINED 669 PINS UNDER AVERAGE – and that included James Cianelli Jr.’s 648.

That’s a combined 1302 pins under average (and more than that if you removed Gentile’s 733). I had salmonella poisoning during the week and this is enough to cause a relapse.

By the way, according to the UBA rules, points do have to be given to both teams, just in case anyone wanted to look that up.