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Match #1 – Dystunctional Bowlers – 30, Good Brothers – 10

Ok. This is my team. But even though this is my team, my job is to cover the scores and results, and I need to do my job. And as you know, I don’t hold biases against my team, so….if you’re easily sensitive, stop reading this now.

Quite frankly, this match was a giant dumpster fire; both teams shoot a COMBINED 1,083 PINS UNDER AVERAGE, neither team comes close to beating the vacancy, and neither team has to worry about their averages coming close to being over after the 9 game mark.

Brian Patterson of the Good Brothers (277/681) is the only person on either team to break a 640, no one else on either team does anything of note, and that’s about all I want to say on this one. News at 11.

Yes, I’m a salty Pepper. Deal.