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Match #1 – Fishgrease Militia – 21, Da Garden Foundation – 19

If you remember a few months ago, gazillion time champions DGF lost in the playoffs because one of their handicap pairs got smoked like a salmon.

Welcome to the remix.

Despite winning the first 2 pairs by 127, DGF loses the last pair by 176, which costs them the wood by 39 and the match by 2. In said third pair,  Mikki Bridgeman (644), Fathiyyah Salaam (635) and Johnnie Valentine (602) take advantage of DGF shooting 164 pins under average on that pair.

Jerrold Fredericks leads everyone with a 725, but he can’t cover all of DGF’s issues during this match and they take the loss. That being said, whoever plays DGF next match is going up against a potentially very angry DGF. Uh oh.