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Match #1 – Beast Squad – 30, Chill Squad – 10

Michael Frazier Jr. (675) and Sr.  (611) do enough to win the middle handicap pair by 1 pin and get 8 points. That’s the good news for Chill Squad. Here’s the bad news: The Beast Squad go 30-2  in everything else by a combined 400 pins.

Derek Campbell (279/762) and Keith Deese (287/727) lead everyone for the Beasties while getting plenty of support from Tim Borza (685), Peter Balderas (685 as well) and Stephen Adams (673) to win the battle of the Squads.

Timothy Adams (683) and William Banks (630) do what they can, but Chill Squad, if they want to get to the top, need to be a little less chill.