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Match #1 – Dirty South All-Stars – 30, B.U.F.U. 10

No AJ Rice? No problem.

In a very close match which came down to the last game, The DSAS goes 6-0 and win by a combined 62 pins, which locks down the wood by 81 total. Bernard Johnson Jr (703), Joshua Rondino (697), Tinickia Fleming (674), Justin Gibbons (667), Curtis Johnson (652), Melvin Dougherty (639) and Tyrone Stevens (607) all provide just enough pinwork to be triumphant.

BUFU gets a 275/247/213/735 from Jeffrey Sisson , a 257/226/204/687 from Andrew Kempfer, a 652 from Derek Frink ad a 630 from Leon Platt Jr., but they needed another 82 pins from somwhere and didn’t get it. Could we be seeing a rematch of this later on this season or in the playoffs? Hmmmm….