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Match #1 – Outrage – 34, APEX Predators – 6

Im sure the APEX Predators were hoping that Outrage had a little hangover from winning the UBA Championship last season, Mayyyybe the Predators would be overlooked and they could sneak out a win here….


Though not as impressive as their playoff run, Outrage still managed to get the job done. Richard Jerome (677) and Oscar Friendly (655) were two of the eight bowlers for Outrage who shot 6’s as they win the wood by 189.

Jason Parham (668) and Chris Richardson (637) lead the way for the Predators, but they don’t have six other bowlers that hit 6’s, so they start the season on a downer. Outrage is continuing where they started off, and they are starting in a place they should be familiar with – in the top of the pack.