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Weekend Preview

Weekend Preview!

We’re approaching the end of 2022 for the UBA….and this guy wants his belt back.

Raul Renteria, Cruiserweight Champion

Let’s see what we have in store for the last season tour stop weekend of the UBA.

  1. NJ Shore – We have some surprises up on top. Can Team Matrix get back there? Or will we have a surprise? Or both?
  2. Long Island – This district has always been a little jammed. Will it be less so after this weekend? (Probably not, but who’s counting)
  3. DMV South – The All-American Conference finishes up 2022 in style.
  4. Cruiserweight Title Match – Raul Renteria and Troy Gafgen get into it again for the belt. These are always fun – what will this edition bring?
  5. The rest of the predictions – Gordon Pepper once again aims to tick people off. Will he succeed this time?


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