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Thirsty Thursday!

Sober Thursday?

Andre Welbon punishes himself for bad behavior. :O

Good Morning All,

Welcome to Thirsty Thursday. There is a new wrinkle. I have not actually been drinking this Thursday morning. I have been bowling so bad on Thursday nights that I have put myself on punishment. Another reason is because last week pissed me off. So, I am forbidden to drink any hard liquor until I throw my first 8 strikes. However, Eddie Lee we have The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey on deck. This bad boy has been aged for 5 years. We will see when and if I get to drink any tonight.

Enough of that, time for DMV UBA Team Ranking Predictions.

Scheduled Matches

1. #2 Hot Pockets vs. #3 SBC: Saturday, October 29th at 1PM at AMF Capital Plaza. I have already expressed my feelings on this match. Hot Pockets travel well, but SBC should be the favorite here. They have bowlers that could call that house home and they strike anywhere. Hot Pockets will need to bring their A game and a rabbit’s foot. I expect a lot of lefties from SBC if they are available. SBC takes this one 26 to 14.

2. #6 Impact vs. #9 Dynasty: Saturday, October 29th at 1PM at AMF Capital Plaza. Dynasty is tough here, but Impact should have the better singles and doubles pairs. The question is whether or not Dynasty will have enough on trios to pull out a win. I am guessing they will not. Impact wins 28 to 12.

3. #14 Apex Predators vs. #17 Da Stoners: Sunday, October 30th at 6PM at Brunswick Perry Hall. Stoners should be better. They have very capable bowlers on trios and singles. The question is do they have enough for a complete ranking lineup to compete with Apex. Apex will be the better team at Perry Hall. They have the bowlers and the house familiarity. Apex wins 26 to 14.

Pending Matches

1. #8 Kryptonite vs. #11 NoVa Beastmode: Not sure what to expect out of Kryptonite these days. Beastmode is coming together well with their new roster. Kryptonite has the better squad, but they just do not seem to be in sync. I am going with Kryptonite to win this one 24 to 16.

2. #10 High Powered vs. #13 DC Mafia: This will be a fun match up. DC Mafia looked great at Cap Plaza in their next Ranking Match. HP could not match the energy of GBA at Rinaldi. Center will matter and it will be based on personnel. If this happens at Woodbridge I give HP the edge, but outside of there or in a Maryland house, I give DCM the edge. Either way, I take DCM 22 to 18.

3. #12 Body Bagz vs. #15 No Clowns Allowed: Body Bagz has looked messy, with bright spots at times but a ton of mental mistakes. NCA has a new look roster and are coming together nicely. Should be a great match. Betting window is open.


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