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How Did We Do? Northeast Conference

How well did Gordon do in his Northeast Conference predictions?

We are going to look back during the regular season and see how right (or how wrong) we were about predicting who would be players in the UBA Post-Season. This article is on the Northeast Conference

NJ Northeast
Prediction: Arsenal, Class aXe, Dysfunctional Bowlers, Legacy
Actual: Arsenal, Class Axe, Latino All-Stars. Legacy (3/4)

NJ Northwest
Prediction: Da Garden Foundation, Murder Inc, Pocket Kingz, X-It Woundz
Actual: Da Garden Foundation, Murder Inc, Pocket Kingz, X-It Woundz (4/4)

NJ Shore
Prediction: Team Matrix, Replacements, Strike City, Toms’ River Rats
Actual: Team Matrix, Replacements, Toms River Rats, Train Wreck (3/4)

NJ South
Prediction: AC Express, Bulletproof, NJ Drillers, Nation of Domination
Actual: Absolute Chaos, AC Express, Bulletproof, NJ Drillers (3/4)

PA North
Prediction: All In!, Mercer Mayhem, Philadelphia Horsemen, Southampton Samurai
Actual: All In!, Philadelphia Horsemen, Smurf Nation, Voodoo (2/4)

PA South
Prediction: Kingsmen, Secret Society, Showtime, Usual Suspects
Actual: Kingsmen, Rival Alliance, Showtime, Usual Suspects (3/4)

Total: 18/24 (75%) Not too shabby


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