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How Did We Do? Atlantic Conference

We are going to look back during the regular season and see how right (or how wrong) we were about predicting who would be players in the UBA Post-Season. This article is on the All-American Conference

Prediction: Apocalypse, Controlled Chao$, NY Bombers, Tribe Called Nest
Actual: Apocalypse, City Morgue, Controlled Chao$, Tribe Called Nest (3/4)

Brooklyn / Queens
Prediction: Franchise, Game Over, Lane Crashers, Lightz Out
Actual: Franchise, Justus League, Lightz Out, Silent Killerz (2/4)

Long Island
Prediction: BC Crew, Killer Gripz, Project Mayhem, Royal Flush
Actual: BC Crew, Long Island Legends, Project Mayhem, Royal Flush (3/4)

Total: 8/12 (68%) Not too shabby

OVERALL: 53/76 (69%) Not too shabby


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