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Thirsty Thursday!

Thursday: Mimosa Twist!

Served with a Twist

Soooo, it is Thursday and I have a mimosa. This Thirsty Thursday will not just be about DMV Team Rankings. No sir/ma’am. Today we are going to add a bit of a twist. If I recall correctly, there are precisely 4 Tour Stops left prior to the position round. The race for the playoffs in the DMV South has gotten interesting and in the DMV North there is still competition for who will finish 2nd through 4th. After I discuss Ranking Matches, I will take a look into how I see things panning out for the rest of the DMV UBA Season.
Ranking Matches first:

  1. #1 Impact vs. #2 N.W.O. Wolfpack: I believe this match is set for Sunday, March 27th at 6pm at Annapolis Bowl. This is round two for these two franchises in Rankings. As I have previously stated, Impact is pretty hard to beat at Annapolis. I do have some inside information that may effect things, but ultimately, I believe that Impact has bowlers that just seem to perform extremely well in this house. N.W.O. will have to take lessons learned and apply them, seeing as they have faced this squad at least 3 times in the span of a month. The match will be a good one, but I ultimately give the nod to Impact, 24 to 16.
  2. #5 Kryptonite vs. #8 NoVa Beastmode: Big K against Beastmode Part Two. Kryptonite got the best of Beastmode in a pretty close match. Hunter Hayes says his pair doesn’t lose and he has been correct, but it hasn’t benefited the squad too much in Rankings, yet. Singles and Doubles will be close, so this match will come down to the better trios pair. We know what Kryptonite is going to send out. Beastmode will have to prepare accordingly. I believe Big K has the better trio pair, so I give them the nod 26 to 14.
  3. #6 Mutiny vs. #9 Contract Killaz: Mutiny was the team to beat at one point during Rankings. They have since taken quite a slide. CK has been consistent in their efforts. Depending on location, this could be a very interesting match up. However, I think Mutiny has a more complete 6 to throw out in Rankings. Where this match takes place will definitely matter but I will take Mutiny to win this, 26 to 14.
    With Rankings out of the way, let’s look into more important things, the remainder of the UBA Season for the DMV. Rob Bateman asked a great question a few days ago and it was who did I believe would make the Playoffs in the DMV North. Here are how things stack up point-wise in the DMV North (* denotes teams that have not had their BYE yet):

  1. *Outrage – 278
  2. Impact – 227
  3. Hot Pockets – 200
  4. Kryptonite – 195
  5. Apex Predators – 190
  6. *N.W.O. Wolfpack – 189
  7. *The Expendables – 158
  8. *Da Stoners – 149
  9. Vipers – 139
  10. Charm City Chaos – 132
  11. Mutiny – 126
  12. Pin Krushers – 100
  13. Killer Keglers – 77

    I answered that I believed things would turn out the following, but I will say this is how I see things prior to Position Round:

N.W.O. Wolfpack
Apex Predators

My reasoning was purely based on the strength of schedule in the remaining tour stops. I did not take into account Position Round and who owns Tie Breakers. Ultimately, I do not think that would change my opinion regarding how things will play out in the DMV North any way. But, it certainly could allow for Hot Pockets and Kryptonite to sneak in with the teams ahead of them chipping away points. So, my top 4 can certainly change by the time the last tour stop takes place.
So, it got me to thinking about how things will play out in the DMV South, as well. Points-wise, here is how the DMV South looks (* denotes teams who have not had their BYE yet):

DC Mafia – 235
*Magna Carta – 226
Most Wanted – 193
Str8 Bizness Cartel – 192
*Contract Killaz – 177
Boardwalk Empire – 168
*Infamous – 166
Body Bagz – 157
Framed 4 Murda – 147
Dynasty – 145
High Powered – 138
Guilty By Association – 116
*NoVa Beastmode – 100

Looking at the remainder of the Stops for the DMV South, Most Wanted has the clearest path to maintaining playoff positioning with SBC holding the next easiest path. DC Mafia and Magna Carta have a few tough matches looming in the future. Magna Carta not having their BYE until the last tour stop could come back to bite them in preparation for position round. So, with the information I have readily available, this is how I see the top 4 stacking up in the DMV South prior to Position Round:

DC Mafia
Str8 Bizness Cartel
Most Wanted
Magna Carta

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