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Bad Twin's Meanderings

Bad Twin’s Post St. Patrick Day Picks

Morning All! New week with new predictions. If you are keeping track, the DMV South let me down and ruined a lot of my predictions and Da Stoners keep on surprising.

(Prediction score so far: 61 out of 96 on the year, which is 63.5%…sigh)

DMV North

Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 10AM/2PM at Annapolis Bowl. Mutiny has the BYE.

  1. Hot Pockets vs. Pin Krushers – This is my LOCK match for the DMV North Tour Stop. PK has not looked very good this year and Hot Pockets are coming off a tough loss. Annapolis is a hittable house and Hot Pockets have shown they know how to get it done. Hot Pockets take this 30 to 10.
  2. Killer Keglers vs. Charm City Chaos – Killer Keglers are coming off of their BYE and Charm City Chaos is coming off an unfortunate loss. Both teams have had their struggles this year, but CCC is a tad bit better based on roster. I think CCC wins this won 26 to 14.
  3. Impact vs. N.W.O. Wolfpack – This is my MUST SEE match for the DMV North Tour Stop. Fresh off of a #1 vs. #2 Ranking Match, the Wolfpack is looking for revenge at the very same house they took their Rankings Match loss. Let’s get this out of the way, Annapolis Bowl is Impact’s home house and they literally love it here. N.W.O. has a tall wall to climb to win this one, but I do not think they get quite there. Impact will win this one in a close one, 24 to 16.
  4. Outrage vs. The Expendables – Outrage is locked in for the remainder of the season. Coming after Mega Bowl, it is the push for the playoffs and this house lends a strong scoring pace for the Champs. Expendables will have their chances and will battle, but Outrage will outlast them, 28 to 12.
  5. Kryptonite vs. Da Stoners – Well, Big K has shown that they are still formidable in the DMV North. Stoners have continued to roll. This will be a pretty fun match up. However, I love Kryptonite in this match up between friends. Kryptonite wins 28 to 12.
  6. Apex Predators vs. Vipers – Well, Apex is coming off of getting eviscerated by Kryptonite in their last stop. They are not going to leave anything to chance and even though Vipers are looking better they will not have enough to take down Apex. Apex wins 26 to 14.

DMV South

Saturday, March 19, 2022 at 10AM/2PM at Annapolis Bowl. High Powered has the BYE.

  1. DC Mafia vs. Most Wanted – This is my MUST SEE match of the DMV South Tour Stop. DCM is probably the hottest team in the DMV right now. Still undefeated and looking to keep that trend going. Well, the funny thing is that Most Wanted may be just as hot. Coming off a huge win against a team I consider the staple of the DMV South, they are full of confidence and actually want to face the best in the DMV South right now. This is going to be a great match, but DCM is just too good right now. They edge it out, 24 to 16.
  2. Framed 4 Murda vs. Body Bagz – F4M is coming off of their BYE and BB has to keep on winning. Both squads are chasing possible playoff spots. One team has struggled as of late and the other is looking like they may have figured some things out. This will be a fun and exciting match up. I will certainly be taking bets.
  3. Dynasty vs. Infamous – Both of these squads took a bit of a step back in their previous stop. Both still can catch a playoff spot, with help and big victories. Infamous has an extremely balanced squad and when Dynasty is hitting they are extremely tough to beat. However, I am going to go with Dynasty to pull this one out in a close one, 26 to 14.
  4. Magna Carta vs. NoVa Beastmode – This is my LOCK match of the DMV South Tour Stop. Magna Carta has looked great all year long and Beastmode has looked a bit erratic. Beastmode managed to pull off a good win with arguably their best not available. Unfortunately for Beastmode, Magna Carta has been on a mission and I believe that mission continues. They roll in this one, 28 to 12.
  5. Guilty By Association vs. Contract Killaz – CK took a tough loss against a squad they should have definitely beaten. That was a major let down for them. GBA had a great win against an undermanned Boardwalk Empire. CK has the advantage on paper and really needs to have this win at this point in the season. GBA is extremely scrappy and full of surprises, but I do not think this will be one of them. CK wins 26 to 14.
  6. Boardwalk Empire vs. Str8 Bizness Cartel – Typically this would be a must see match, but SBC and BE have both stumbled a bit lately. Both need this win to stay in the playoff hunt, but BE needs this one desperately. Unfortunately for BE, SBC has been humbled and refocused after their losses. This will be a resurgent performance for SBC. They win 30 to 10.


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