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WCS Predictions: Unholy Alliance

The Dr and the Dansbury give us their thoughts.

Northeast WCS Title Match Predictions

February 2022 

(Bowler Name(s), W-L, W-L in division, current franchise)

All title matches are held at Northeast Unholy Alliance (Bowlerama, New Castle, DE)



Mia Williams made her triumphant return to the top of the Northeast Vixens division since she was forced to relinquish the belt due to an injury that would cause her to be sidelined for a long time back in September 2017. A time where she overcame an 0-3 deficit at Battle Bowl VII (North Brunswick, NJ) to retain the Vixens belt at the time. This is Williams’ second time around carrying the Northeast Vixens belt, and now she is one win away from a trip to Mega Bowl to represent the Northeast coming in March.

In the opposing corner come this Saturday at the center of Bowlerama, one of the most decorated Vixens bowlers the Northeast has seen in the history of the World Championship Series. Hermie Hannibal is eyeing up her 3rd time around holding the Northeast Vixens belt in her WCS career. Hannibal started the season with the Vixens belt until her only loss on the season to Tiffany Smalls in November.

A matchup where between the two bowlers, they combine for 4 times as Vixens champion, 46 wins in their Vixens career, to say this is a matchup of two titans in the division would be an understatement and a great matchup for nobody to miss!

Prediction: In an epic matchup of two great Vixens champions, you really cannot go wrong with picking either one. Both ladies with similar games (Williams with a little more ball speed is about the only main difference). Our prediction will go with the challenger Hermie Hannibal winning 4-2, and with 0-1 games being a blowout. Except a lot of games to have 10th frame meaning for either bowler but based on Mia Williams’ last time at Bowlerama in a title match…it was not a good day on the lanes and unless she takes any learning lessons from last year’s 0-4 loss title match in the same building, this Saturday might not treat her well again.  



Chris Aponte ended a pattern of Heavyweight champions unable to defend their belt on their first title defense last month in an exciting 7 game match at the Northeast Draft, a pattern that lasted FOOOOUUUR months this season (sorry Aaron Williams lol). Next up for Aponte to accomplish, another title defense to send him to Richmond, VA for Mega Bowl, and a matchup with the Southeast Heavyweight Champion (either JR Cauthen or Bob Benton) and possibly, a shot at the World Champion (currently held by Josh Pittman).

The only obstacle in Aponte’s way to get to Mega Bowl is a fellow New Jersey Northwest district bowler from Da Takeover, Mike Potoski. Potoski is making his title match debut on the WCS circuit this Saturday night. Potoski, a veteran of the Heavyweight division, has been involved in the World Championship Series since September 2018 and after 3.5yrs, he’s getting a shot at what he has been chasing after all this time.

With the winner going to Mega Bowl to represent the Northeast, who has all the momentum to carry them to the finish line in this pivotal Heavyweight title match Saturday? Does Aponte continue the run as Heavyweight champion and possibly take aim at the World title next month? Or does Potoski end the run and propels himself into the Mega Bowl picture come March?

Prediction: In this pivotal Heavyweight title match right before Mega Bowl, Aponte in the end might be too much for Potoski to handle if this match gets into game 6 or later. For Potoski to win this match, Potoski needs a quick start and end this match before game 6 if he wants to see the belt and a trip to Mega Bowl. However, our predictions indicate that Aponte will be going to Richmond, winning 4-2.



If the Northeast Unholy Alliance has a theme in terms of the title matches, it is the fact that all the bowlers involved make for six great title matches with the caliber of bowlers in each title match and their impact in their respective divisions. Another great matchup to watch this weekend will come this Sunday between the current champion Chondite Faison and 3-time former Cruiserweight champion Raul Renteria.

Faison successfully defended his Cruiserweight belt for the first time in his WCS career at the Northeast Draft last month over Mass Destruction’s president Malachi Moore, setting up another title match between two titans of the Cruiserweight division. Faison has the 2nd most wins in the history of the Cruiserweight division. Only one person is ahead of him in Cruiserweight wins…the bowler he is up against come this Sunday.

Raul Renteria, a 3-time former Cruiserweight champion, a former Classic Tag Team champion, and a former Uncapped Tag Team Champion. He currently holds the record in the Northeast for most wins in the Cruiserweight division (35), and most wins in the WCS Northeast region (69). What else can Renteria do? Oh, I don’t know…go for win #70, win the Cruiserweight belt for the 4th time, and punch his ticket to Mega Bowl?

A lot riding on the line this Sunday for both bowlers. The Cruiserweight title, punch their ticket to Mega Bowl, the stakes do not get any higher than this in this exciting pivotal Cruiserweight title matchup between two of the best the Northeast has seen in the Cruiserweight division. Who wins?

Prediction: After Faison got over the hill winning his first title defense last month, you have to figure the momentum would favor the champion. However, up against arguably the best Northeast Cruiserweight, Renteria is hard to “bet” against. Another great matchup where taking either competitor is not a bad choice. For this title match, we give the notch on the belt to the champion going to game 7, and it might be decided by the 9th frame. This may be a matchup where we will see the bowlers trade games for the first six games. 



Julio Hernandez came out of the shadows of the Welterweight division at the end of the COVID-altering 19-20 season when he was given a shot at the belt in December 2020. He took full advantage of the opportunity in his first title match win back then to become the Northeast Welterweight champion to start the 2021 calendar year. Fast forward to today and once again, heading into the Northeast Unholy Alliance weekend, Hernandez enters the event as your Northeast Welterweight champion. Hernandez claimed his 2nd time around as Welterweight champion at last month’s Northeast Draft in a 7-game match over the champion at the time James Keith (The Chosen Ones). So far in this 21-22 season, the Welterweight belt has not been successfully defended on the champion’s first attempt after winning the belt (Battle Bowl: Greene def. L. Williams, October: Wahnon def. Greene, November: Wiltsey Jr. def. Wahnon, December: Keith def. Wiltsey Jr, January: Hernandez def. Keith). Does Hernandez have the knowledge and experience this time around as Welterweight champion to claim the first successful defense in the Welterweight division and punch his ticket to Mega Bowl?

One bowler who doesn’t think so is 2-time Classic Tag Team champion, and first female bowler to reach a Welterweight title match in the Northeast’s history of the WCS, Naomi Reece. Reece so far has won a tag team title in her career. Now she looks to take another shot at winning a singles title to add to her WCS resume. Reece was involved in the first Welterweight title match, which took place back in February 2019 at this very event (held at Westbrook Lanes). Reece would eventually go down in the first title match to Willie Machado 4-2. This time, Reece looks to have a different result come this Sunday.

One half of the Tailgate crew vs. The 2-time Tag Team champion, who comes out victorious raising the green belt and making their way to Richmond, VA as Welterweight champion?

Prediction: Last year’s Unholy Alliance, Hernandez lost the belt on his first title defense. This time around, we believe he learns from last year’s mistakes and claims the first successful title defense in the Welterweight division this season with a 4-2 victory over the DMV’s Naomi Reece.



Well, this definitely has to be a first time when doing these title match previews…the guy typing the predictions will be coming up with predictions in his own title match! What does the guy typing the predictions think of himself and his tag team partner coming up in this first title defense before Mega Bowl? It has been a different story in getting back to the top of the Classic Tag Team division mountain. 3 years ago, Dansbury did a majority of the heavy lifting to get the team of Dansbury/Gafgen to their first title match reign. This second time around, the contributions have fallen more on his partner, Troy Gafgen. Gafgen has played a bigger role in this run to the top of the list and expect Gafgen to continue that role come this Saturday at Bowlerama. Dansbury/Gafgen claimed their 2nd Classic Tag Team title belts last month defeating Kryptonite’s Reece/Reece and became the 3rd Classic Tag Team to plateau the 20-win mark as a tag team in the history of the WCS northeast tag team divisions. Next up for the duo, punch their ticket to Mega Bowl.

Standing in their way is another formidable duo, also with a great resume in the WCS as a tag team. Marc Texidor and Miguel Carrion made a majority of their success during the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 season, and now they are looking to add to their legacy with this current run on the list. Carrion himself is a former Cruiserweight champion, and first bowler to hold two title belts at the same time (Cruiserweight and Classic Tag Team) back in the 2017-2018 season. The duo has amassed 19 wins during their run then and this current run combined, 2-time Tag Team Champions as well, and are eyeing up their 3rd time around as the champs and win the trip to Mega Bowl as the Northeast Tag Team Champions.

In another great matchup of two great tag teams, who comes out on top? Are Dansbury and Gafgen “All In” for another long run as champions? Or does the veteran lefty-righty duo of Texidor/Carrion win for the 3rd time as a tag team?

Prediction: How does the guy that types this prediction not pick his own team here?!?! All-In! 4-2. It will come down to who has the best look between Gafgen and Texidor, and Gafgen has continued to prove himself more and more in pressure/key situations in these past several matches. Good luck to Latino All-Stars!



Dysfun…. oh wait…for the first in the history of the Uncapped Tag Team Northeast division, we have a title match that does not involved Dysfunctional Bowlers after 12 title matches, a run that has to be deemed one of the best title runs among any bowler/team in the WCS’ history. However, we move forward, and we have new Uncapped Tag Team champions taking center stage for February’s title match at Northeast Unholy Alliance. The lefty-righty combo of Tyler Wilson/Matt Grayauskie are the new champions and are set to defend their belts in their first title defense come this Saturday night. The duo lost in two previous title matches (Bonamico/Grayauskie 1st time around, Wilson/Grayauskie 2nd time around) before winning the belts on the team’s 3rd attempt at the Northeast Draft last month.

Opposing the new champions are Total Mayhem’s Adam Concepcion and Felix Perez. For Concepcion/Perez, both bowlers will be making their title match debuts this Saturday. In addition, this will also be Total Mayhem’s first title match appearance in their franchise’s history of the WCS (all divisions). In a time for the Uncapped Tag Team division for first coming into this title match, Concepcion and Perez have begun to put together momentum to climb their way to this weekend’s title match. However, is it enough to overcome the new Uncapped Tag Team champions?

Prediction: For the new champions, the key factor will be Tyler Wilson. If he has a good look at Bowlerama, the team will be difficult to beat. We predict a 4-1 win in favor of Mass Destruction over Total Mayhem. Wilson will be the deciding factor in this title match.


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