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Motivational Rankings

Top 50 Motivational Rankings for 1/8/22-1/15/22


More notes before we start:

  1. Style points count. You’ll see that down the list.
  2. Just a reminder, I’m a ‘What have you done for me lately’ guy, so a team that did great last year but is bowling like dishwater now is not going to be on this list.
  3. If you’re not in a play-off spot in your district. You’re not making the list.
  4. While #1 is Tour Stop Play, Team Rankings / WCS / Tournament Results DO count here, because if they do well and a team uses these people in a UBA Tour Stop, then there’s no reason why not to think they will be just as good at a tour stop as they are in a tournament, etc.
  5. Keep in mind that with over 200 teams competing this season, this list represents less than the top 25% of the UBA. If you’re on here, consider that some kudos.
  6. This is for fun. Don’t get salty, get motivated.
  7. I love all feedback, so keep it coming 🙂

So here we go with this week’s rankings….

CURRENT PLAY NOTE: All Matches from last weekend, the Draft Results and the WCS January Title Matches are included here. Sunday’s action is NOT included in this list.

  1. BC Crew (194-86 / 1st) (Was 3)
    They had a team at the Draft. Petty? Sure, but these are small things that differentiate.
  2. Murder Inc. (175-25 / 1st) (Was 1)
    No one wanted to move up, so they only move down one.
  3. G.O.A.T. (135-65 / 1st) (Was 5)
    Placement minus zero + teams in front of them losing things = slight movement upwards. Now can they justify it this weekend?
  4. Hitmen (164-36 / 1st) (Was 6)
    I seem to be saying Ditto a lot for Hitmen and GOAT.
  5. The Arsenal (168-32 / 1st) (Was 7)
    Some of them were at the Draft. Good reason to move them up.
  6. High Octane (156-44 / 1st) (Was 8)
    Let’s see what you do on Sunday….
  7. AC Express (151-49 / 1st) (Was 11)
    Congratulations to Mia Williams, your new Northeast Vixen’s champion
  8. Boardwalk Empire (112-48 / 4th) (Was 4)
    Terri Bollinger lost the Vixen’s Title, and they had their bye so they fall a few spots.
  9. Outrage (146-54 / 1st) (Was 2)
    So they lost against Impact, but they remained in first. What to do…
  10. Impact (128-32 / 2nd) (Was 37)
    They beat Outrage. Didn’t take over first place yet, but they can during Outrage’s bye or if Outrage loses again outright.
  11. The Replacements (158-42 / 1st) (Was 10)
  12. Tribe Called Nest (129-31 / 1st) (Was 9)
    A little birdie from Long Island told me that the Tribe Called Nest tapped out before completing their Team Ranking Match against Killerz Grip, which reinforces the theory of great in their district, lousy against everyone else.
  13. Royal Flush (156-84 / 2nd) (Was 21)
    Traveled down to South Jersey to win the Northeast Draft. This is what the UBA is about. Impressive.
  14. All In! (161-79 / 1st) (Was 23)
    Gotta give them some love for winning the Classic Tag Team Titles.
  15. Spartanberg Savages (133-67 / 1st) (Was 12)
    Can pick up some of what they lost on Sunday.
  16. Sub-Zero (122-78 / T2nd) (Was 14)
    Sunday, Sunday…
  17. Conspiracy Theory (162-38 / 1st) (Was 15)
    Maybe Not so Manic Monday
  18. Motion 2 Strike (150-50 / 1st) (Was 16)
    Happens on Funday.
  19. New England Heat (190-50 / 1st) (Was 13)
    Could have gone to the draft. Didn’t.
  20. Silent Killerz (144-56 / 1st) (Was 38)
    Now are they here because they won or because the Franchise lost?
  21. DC Mafia (129-31 / 1st) (Was 36)
    Only this low because they have had less matches than almost everyone else, so they have more chances to win and move up.
  22. Killerz Grip (148-92 / 4th) (Was 29)
    With their win over Tribe in Team Rankings, we are starting to see just how deep Long Island is.
  23. Latino All-Stars (152-48 / 2nd) (Was 17)
    When everyone around you participates in things and you don’t, you drop.
  24. Class Axe (146-54 / 3rd) (Was 19)
    See above
  25. Usual Suspects (130-30 / 1st) (Was 20)
    And you’re in the area of the Draft. No excuses.
  26. Da Garden Foundation (120-80 / 2nd) (Was 21)
    Hard to do gardening in freezing temperatures.
  27. Powerhouse (131-69 / 2nd) (Was 22)
    No work – no movement.
  28. Philly Horsemen (134-68 / 2nd) (was 24)
    Horses were grazing this past week.
  29. Synergy (129-71 / 2nd) (Was 25)
    Let’s get moving this weekend.
  30. Identity Crisis (124-76 / 1st) (Was 27)
    No identity at the draft.
  31. Long Island Legends (154-86 / 3rd) (Was 30)
    While KG and Royal Flush were doing things, they didn’t. So they slide down a spot.
  32. Bulletproof (136-64 / 2nd) (Was 28)
    You’re in the Draft area and didn’t field a team. You will drop and you will like it.
  33. Da Hit Squad (130-70 / 3rd) (Was 44)
    Prell bowls = DHS wins.
  34. Pocket Kingz (114-86 / 3rd) (Was 31)
    Playing poker in the cold
  35. NJ Drillers (121-89 / 3rd) (Was 32)
    Drilling for dirt. Pay dirt.
  36. New World Order (122-78 / T2nd) (Was 33)
    Sunday is soon
  37. Menace II Society (140-60 / 2nd) (Was 34)
    Chomping at the bit to get back to bowling.
  38. Hot Pockets (108-52 / 3rd) (NEW)
    They belong in the Top 50 for now. Let’s see how they do against tougher competition.
  39. Reality Check (128-32 / 2nd) (Was 39)
    Their reality starts this weekend
  40. #Violators (132-68 / 2nd) (Was 40)
    Watchng the snow fall.
  41. Rollin’ Rebels (128-72 / 3rd) (Was 49)
    Same here.
  42. The Franchise (131-69 / 2nd) (Was 26)
    Between losing first to SK and losing outright to KG, this was a bad week for The Franchise.
  43. Lightz Out (130-70 / T3rd) (NEW)
    A convincing win gets them up here.
  44. Str8 Bizness Cartel (118-42 / 3rd) (Was 35)
    The good news is that they finally did something. The bad news is that losing was not the something that they wanted to do.
  45. Apocalypse (92-28 / 2nd) (Was 37)
    The snowstorm this weekend is not one of the signs of the Apocalypse
  46. Pound 4 Pound (146-94 / 2nd) (Was 43)
    Waiting to Pound this weekend.
  47. Dream Team (122-78 / 4th) (Was 45)
    Sleepy time until next weekend.
  48. We’ve Been Framed (117-83 / 3rd) (Was 47)
    We will see how legit they are this weekend.
  49. Team Matrix (116-84 / 4th) (Was 48)
    Red Pill or Blue Pill?
  50. Kryptonite (102-58 / 4th) (NEW)
    Since you FINALLY got into the Top 4 in your district, your team is in the Top 50, Bateman. Stop whining.

OUT: (For now) Rival Alliance / Voodoo / Top Gunz

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