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DMV North

Outrage gets Impacted by 17 pins

Bonnell has a huge 300/826 series.

Here are the Results after Tour Stop #5 in the DMV North Division

Impact: 24, Outrage: 16
A funny thing happened on the way to an undefeated season. Anthony Bonnell goes off for a 300/268/258/826, while Cobe Lerner (773) and Scott Rehm (706) give Impact enough support to win the wood by 17 pins. Brian Bennett (762), Dan Schaden Jr (747), Jason Howard (741) and Hugh McGainey Jr (737) throw 7’s for Outrage, but their hope of running the rail ends due to 17 pins that they don’t get. Outrage still is in first, but Impact can jump them now with a win while Outrage goes on their bye.

Yes, I know that from a % basis, Impact is in first but just a reminder that the UBA doesn’t go on % on a full season, and you still have to get the points to jump over the spots. Capiche? Capiche.

Hot Pockets: 32, Killer Keglers: 8
We still don’t know if the Pockets are real threats, buuuuut….the 32-8 score sure looks pretty. So does Austin Bloom’s 740, Michael Sinek’s 731, Jonathan Snyder’s 729 and William Little Jr’s 711. Denny Arbogast shows up with a 713 for the Keglers, but too many 7’s from HP drops them to last as they are still looking for their first Tour Stop win. HP moves up to third.

Kryptonite: 34, The Expendables: 6
Rob Bateman has a fan club which you may like or hate, but his teams sure are effective in winning. Heidi Smith (737), Hunter Hayes (737), Cody Smith (727), Bobby Reece Jr. (717) and Dallas Adcock Jr. (716) launch a plethora ot 7’s at The Expendables. who don’t have a counter for it. As a result. the Expendables fall to 8th while Kryptonite move up to 4th, based on their 64-16 record for their past 2 matches.

NWO Wolfpack: 28, Charm City Chaos: 12
Howard Kenner’s 732 and Daryl Taylor’s 729 allows the Wolfpack to chow down on CCC. Chaos, which loses the Wood by 67, falls to tenth while the Pack, 56-24 for the past 2 matches, move up to 6th and get back to .500. Can they do better than that as we reach the halfway mark?

Mutiny: 38, Vipers: 2
Only 1 Viper breaks a 600 (??!?) and the Mutiny take full advantage of it, winning the wood by 653 while sending the Vipers to 7th. David Jones Jr (746) and Camden Cook (701) lead the Mutiny out of the basement and into 9th.

Da Stoners: 28, Pin Krushers: 12
Da Stoners Edward Dryden (724) outduels the Krushers Justin Albert (714) as Da Stoners win the wood by 47. Da Stoners move up to 12th and are only 14 point away from the 11th placed Pin Krushers.

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