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New Jersey Northeast

Close Calls for Arsenal, Dream Team

Other teams didn’t have to struggle so much.

Here are the results from Tour Stop #6 of the NJ Northeast District

The Arsenal: 26, Dysfunctional Bowlers: 14
The Arsenal held on – and I mean really held on – as they get the wood by 3 pins. The Arsenal survive an off day from Nick Gavron (701) and the rest of the team, but a win is still a win, regardless. Dysfunctional Bowlers actually had the better scores, care of Matt Dunning (784) and Matthew Frei-Funk (766). However, everyone else shot a combined 478 pins below average, so the lack of 3 pins makes it even more painful as they fall to 6th.

Class Axe: 32, Area-51-8: 8
Someone, somewhere thought that there could be a new rivalry between a pair of NY teams. While Jen Schilssler’s 299/738 suggested that it could be the case somewhere down the road, John Dietz (727), Eddie Torres (708) and Class Axe winning the wood by 278 suggests that the rivalry will still be somewhere down the road. Maybe Exit 14-A. Area 51-8 remains in 8th while Class Axe moves to second and within 16 points of first.

Total Mayhem: 30, Latino All-Stars: 10
Eric Perez’s 729 and JJ Floyd’s 701 gives Total Mayhem the wood by 34 as they spring the upset. The All-Stars get caught on a bad day for them as they take their first match play loss of the year, falling to third in the process. Could this win start to propel Total Mayhem upwards and onwards?

Dream Team: 26, Misfits: 14
The Misfits almost played the upset card also, but it doesn’t succeed (even with Jacob SNyder leading everyone with a 729) because they fall shy of the wood by 28 pins. Bob Lipinski’s 725 allow the Dream To escape and remain in 4th while the Misfits remain in last.

Legacy: 30, Messenger Mafia: 10
This match is all about support. Edward Penafiel (742), Wilson Aponte Jr (735) and Bill Fochs Jr (733) hit 7’s for the Legacy as they get the victory. Tim Taylor (787) and Kelley Grippo (701) provide numbers for the ‘Mafia, but they lose and fall to 9th because they get a combined 264 pins under average for support. The Legacy, who had a zero in the first match, are now only 2 point away from a playoff spot.

Devil’s Rejectz: 38, Legion of Doom: 2
Both teams come into thie one looking for their first victory. The Rejectz come out with it. Or should we say, Christopher Morgan dragged it with him as he hits an 805 series. That gears the scratch team to win by 327 and the wood by 651. They move up to 10th while the Legion is tied for the basement.


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