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Thirsty Thursday! December 16

Let’s Drink!

On this Thirsty Thursday (don’t judge me as I am only consuming wine right now), I have a double-hitter for you today. (Yes, the list has finally been compiled). However, let’s start off with something light, the prediction of the upcoming Rankings Matches in the DMV.

  1. #4 DC Mafia vs. #7 Kryptonite – To begin, the location of this match has not been decided, but I am envisioning this match happening at Greenway or Crofton. DC Mafia did not have all of their hitters when they succumbed to Impact and I doubt they will make such a mistake again. They do not want to slip out of the top 4, so they will be all hands on deck for this one. Kryptonite has looked questionable in their Rankings Matches. They will likely be out in full force for this one, as a win gives them a chance to challenge up to number 2. With the aforementioned said, this will be an exciting match. Both teams have the personnel to put up big numbers, but this will come down to the trios pair (as it always seems to do in Rankings). My opinion is that DC Mafia can field the better trios, therefore I believe they take this match: 28 to 12.
  2. #1 Mutiny vs. #2 Impact at Brunswick Perry Hall on Sunday, December 19, 2021 at 12:00PM – This is a tough match to call. Mutiny has been outstanding in Rankings. They can field a strong 6 and if they keep bowling like they have been, they are going to be hard to beat. Then there is Impact, they have just managed to put together wins. They have looked solid and I am going to go out on a limb and say they will actually be putting out their best Rankings line-up for this one. It will come down to, surprisingly, who is on the singles pair and who is anchoring the trios pair. Mutiny loves Perry Hall. Let’s not forget that Mutiny’s only Tour Stop win of this season (Tour Stop #3) was there with a 32 to 8 dismantling of N.W.O. Wolfpack (no easy feat). Nearly everyone in the lineup bowled 635 or better, aside from David Colston (sorry Dave). I am going with Mutiny defending in a very close match, 24 to 16.


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