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DMV Team Ranking Predictions

Here are my pre-Christmas Holiday predictions for the upcoming DMV Rankings Matches.

1) #2 Impact vs. #5 Hot Pockets – This match up will come down to who is available and where they bowl. Location is currently not determined, but match will likely take place in between Fort Meade and Normandy if that means anything. Hot Pockets have been very good in rankings with very consistent performances from all of their pairs. Impact was simply outmatched in their previous outing against Mutiny. I am pretty sure they will have their usual personnel and put forth a much better performance. This will be a great match, but I believe Impact will defend to try their hands at #1 Mutiny once again. Impact wins 26 to 14.

2) #4 DC Mafia vs. #7 Kryptonite at Crofton Bowl on Sunday, December 26, 2021 at 5pm – Injuries, tragedy, complacency, unavailability, illness, you name it has caused Kryptonite to suffer this ranking season. However, they have managed to remain relevant. DC Mafia loss to an Impact team that was just a tad bit better at Crofton in their last match. DC Mafia did not, in my opinion, have their best ranking lineup to truly be competitive against Impact and still competed at a high level. They will have a more suitable lineup this time go around. Kryptonite will definitely have Bobby Reece and Scott Kennell in this lineup, but the rest is a mystery. Rob Mcewen could possibly be useful here at this location. Either way, I believe DC Mafia defends here with a 28 to 12 win.

3) #6 Contract Killaz vs. #9 Outrage – Depending on the location, likely somewhere between Rinaldi and Greenway, this will be a decent match. CK has done a good job beating up on Body Bagz to maintain their position, but has not fared so well against any other team in head-to-head rankings matches. Fortunately for CK, Outrage has not fared so well in Rankings either. Escaping a scare with Guilty By Association (we will not get into the controversy here), they managed to defend. Outrage, however, is still who they are and they have the fire power to be in every single match. CK’s trio squad has been their saving grace, so it will likely come down to that pair again. Ultimately, I think that Outrage will pull it together and take this in a relatively close match, 24 to 16.

4) #8 NoVa Beastmode vs. #11 Body Bagz will take place at a Virginia Bowling center on Sunday, January 2, 2022 more than likely. Beastmode has looked great in all of their Rankings matches, aside from their doubles pair. Body Bagz took heavy losses on their single and trio pair in their loss to Beastmode earlier in this Ranking season. If this trend continues, NoVa Beastmode should obviously win. Ultimately, this should be a very fun and competitive match.


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