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Bad Twin's Meanderings

DMV Team Ranking Predictions for this weekend

The Bad Twin ticks people off. Again.

There is a DMV Tour Stop this weekend, but there are also Ranking Matches to be scheduled. So, as I peruse over the matches, here are who I think will be winning:

1) #4 Impact vs. #2 DC Mafia: If this is at Crofton, where it is rumored to be, I think DC Mafia may be in trouble. Chad will you be suiting up for your squad? It is a Sunday, though. I think Impact takes this one in a close one, 24 to 16.
2) #6 N.W.O. Wolfpack vs. #3 High Powered: Well, this is a situation where it is going to come down to where these teams bowl. I would find it difficult to believe that HP will allow themselves to take another loss, though. However, N.W.O. is not going to take this match lightly. Hard to call this one until I see the house this will take place at. I think I like N.W.O. to take this one, though.
3) #10 Outrage vs. #7 Kryptonite: This will be an interesting one. Outrage has slipped, but they are still Outrage. Kryptonite has struggled with singles their last few outings. Typically I would choose Outrage, but I think Kryptonite takes this one, 22 to 18.
4) #11 NoVa Beastmode vs. #8 Apex Predators: This is a case of who shows up to bowl for Apex. Beastmode will have a very strong Single and doubles, but the trios may be problematic. Apex can put forward a solid squad across the board. If this match takes place close to Baltimore, I like Apex’s chances to win, but anywhere near VA gives Beastmode a great chance. I am going to give Apex the edge, though. I like them to win, 26 to 14.
5) #12 Body Bagz vs. #9 Contract Killaz: This match will be at Crofton after the Tour Stop. Body Bagz wins and that is all.


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