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Bad Twin DMV Predictions for Tour Stop #4

Did the Bad Twin Recover from His Powdering?

Good Afternoon All, onto the Tour Stop #4 Predictions.

DMV North – AMF Woodlawn (Hoodlawn) on Sunday, December 5th at 1PM — Kryptonite has a BYE
Match 1: The Expendables vs. Hot Pockets
– Hot Pockets have had a great start to this UBA Season, winning both of their matches in a convincing way. However, this will be their first real challenge on the year. The Expendables has a bit of a stumble last stop, but Apex is no pushover. I believe this will be a very tight match. The landscape favors The Expendables, therefore I will give them the slight edge, 22 to 18.
Match 2: Vipers vs. Charm City Chaos – Vipers have looked very good to start this UBA season. They are bowling balanced and putting up great numbers as a Franchise. Charm City Chaos have struggled to get things together so far. I am going to stick with the hot Vipers in this match-up. They take it 26 to 14.
Match 3: N.W.O. Wolfpack vs. Killer Keglers – After N.W.O. took an upset loss against Mutiny last stop, they will be out for blood. Killer Keglers have limped along. This is not the opponent they needed to see this stop. I like N.W.O. to take this one 32 to 8, especially at Woodlawn. This is my LOCK MATCH for the DMV North.
Match 4: Mutiny vs. Pin Krushers – Mutiny has shown us that they are capable of stepping up and playing toe-to-toe with at least one of the upper echelon of the DMV North, well that is what their last stop showed, let’s see if they can keep their momentum going against a Pin Krushers team that has limped out of the gate. I believe Mutiny takes this one, 28 to 12.
Match 5: Outrage vs. Apex Predators – This is my MUST SEE match for the DMV North. Both teams are extremely talented and off to a good start. I believe this will be close match, Apex will keep this very close at Woodlawn. However, I have to go with the defending champs. Outrage, 26 to 14.
Match 6: Da Stoners vs. Impact – Da Stoners have struggled a ton this season, but they have had some bright spots. Unfortunately for them, Impact is coming off a BYE and will want this win badly to remain on top of the DMV North. I have to go with Impact, 30 to 10.

DMV South – Crofton Bowl on Sunday, December 5th at 11AM — Guilty By Association has a BYE
Match 1: NoVa Beastmode vs. DC Mafia
– Beastmode is still reeling from the loss they took at the last stop and DC Mafia is cruising on after their last victory. DC Mafia has members familiar with the shot at Crofton, this will play in their favor against Beastmode. I like DCM to take this one 30 to 10. This one will have to be my LOCK MATCH for the DMV South.
Match 2: Str8 Bizness Cartel vs. Body Bagz – This should be a fun and entertaining match.
Match 3: Infamous vs. Framed 4 Murda – Both teams had great wins at their last stop. Framed 4 Murda has been the sleeper team for this year and Infamous woke up against High Powered. I am liking Framed 4 Murda as they have members that have bowled league here and should be able to capitalize on that fact. This will be a close match. I like Framed 4 Murda to just sneak by, 22 to 18.
Match 4: High Powered vs. Most Wanted – Well, both of these teams took unfortunate losses last stop. High Powered is the most embarrassed and will definitely be looking to rebound in a big way. Most Wanted has looked a bit out of sorts the last two stops. Hopefully, Ms. Show Off will have her team in order because HP is out for blood. I will call this my MUST SEE match for the DMV South and I will take HP, 28 to 12.
Match 5: Magna Carta vs. Boardwalk Empire – Both teams had great wins last stop, but Magna Carta has looked really good so far this season. Both teams will come to play, but I like Magna Carta to keep trending up with a nice 24 to 16 victory.
Match 6: Contract Killaz vs. Dynasty – Dynasty has not looked great this season and hopefully the BYE week helped them get back on track mentally. CK fought valiantly last stop, but SBC was too much for them. I believe CK will take this one in a closely contested match, 24 to 16.

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