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UBA Post Up

The Post-Up: October’s Delights

We got tricks and treats!

Lots of stuff to go over this past weekend and future events. Spooky.

  1. UBA Tour Stop #2, Part 1: We have much to report on Tour Stop #2 in a bunch of areas. Scoring up dates soon to come.
  2. UBA SE Unholy Alliance: That’s this upcoming weekend, as well as…
  3. UBA SE Title Defenses: Lots of belts on the line this weekend in the Southeast. This from one of the major events of the year.
  4. UBA Tour Stop #2, Part 2: More to come in the Atlantic and DMV Districts in the upcoming weekend. Lots of points to give out and a few grudges to discover.
  5. Last Man / Woman Standing: It’s in 2 weeks, but it’s one of the fun singles events to be had – and the WCS will be there as well if you want to join the World Championship Series.


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