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The Post-Op: First Strikes

Stanton gets his Duck and The Tribe, Watchmen and Goonies all win.

All of the regions were heard this past weekend, so let’s get to business.

  1. New Northeast Heavyweight Champion: As you can see in the picture, Jason Stanton (Da Stoners) caught his duck. He also caught the Northeast Title, defeating Ducky Russell to obtain it. Stanton now has to defend against former champion Miguel Acobo in a match that should be a treat to watch.
  2. Same Southeast Heavyweight Champion: James Kniffen (Sub Zero) is dominant against anyone not named Dennis Killiough or Josh Pittman. He was on his game this weekend as well, winning 4-2 (and it should have been 4-0, if not for a pair of self-inflicted opens in the tenth frame in the first 2 games). Now Dennis looks onto October.
  3. Southeast Team Rankings: The Watchmen start the ranking season strong, as they take the top spot. Perennial favorites Hitmen re right behind them, so if the Watchmen don’t watch out, their stay at the top could be very brief.
  4. NY Team Rankings: Don’t tell the Tribe that they lost lot of firepower during the off-season. They are doing jut fine, thank you. Now even more so because they won the Team Rankings. Can they keep them?
  5. NJ Team Rankings: Here comes the Goon Squad. Led by a cast fronted by Justin Doslik, the Goonies won by over 200 pins over Alter Ego, who gets first crack at them should they successfully defend.

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