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Here we go again.

The aforementioned title could mean just about anything, but if you look at the picture over it, we are discussing Covid and how it once again could be a factor in bowling alleys in September – just in time for the new UBA season. Now most of this information has been around for a few months BUT we feel that it is the best interest to either inform or remind people of the latest and (not-so) greatest in terms of the rule set:

  1. RULE REMINDER: According to the UBA rules, whatever mask rules are applicable in the center is the rules that we go by. Hence, if the alley says a mask must be worn at all times, then the mask must be worn at all times. Conversely, if they aren’t required, then you can do whatever you need to do.
  2. BRING A SPARE MASK: If not for you, then for your teammate. See Rule #1.
  3. CHECK TO SEE IF YOU NEED TO BRING YOUR VACCINATION CARD: In August, NYC passed a rule that says you can’t show up in an alley without one, pending on location. New York is not the only state that has done this, so make sure you bring one OR you double check with the alley. You do not want to be that person that costs your team the win because they take a vacancy because you can’t get into the building.
  4. EVEN IF YOU’RE VACCINATED, DELTA IS LURKING: Just a reminder that you still don’t want to be in a big crowd or be in a position where you can get sick.
  5. IF YOU DON’T FEEL WELL, STAY HOME: Delta has shown to get past vaccinations. The last thing anyone should want is to infect people. Don’t be ‘that person’ that decides to have a super spreader event at their house.

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