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District Preview


Will this be GOAT’s to win? Or will their chance to win be reduced to beyond sub-zero?

We are going to be checking out all of the districts. This preview covers Triad in the Southeast Conference. Just in case you didn’t check out the Season Brawl, here’s how this works:

FAVORITES: One of the teams I think will win the district and should be a lock to place in the Top 4 and make the playoffs.
LEGITIMATE THREAT: Could win the District. Should be in the running to make the playoffs.
CONTENDERS: They could stick around for a while, but certain unexpected things need to swing their way for them to win
DARK HORSE: They COULD win, but A LOT of things need to swing their way – like everyone running to get Triad Nacho .

Sooo you think the district got easier with the Hitman got moved? Nope – you got Sub-Zero coming in to replace them. That makes the district very top-heavy, but there’s still spots to grab in this district. Who grabs them?

G.O.A.T.: Let’s not ‘kid’ ourselves. If you want to win the district, you have to get past G.O.A.T. And that’s no baaaahloney.

CAROLINA SWAG: You all saw the damage they can do at Battle Bowl when they are all aligned. If they do that against anyone in this district – even against G.O.A.T. – they will win.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: It was considered a ‘rebuilld’ and they would have gotten an playoff spot. Let’s call it a ‘reload’ and call them one of the chasers of G.O.A.T.

SUB-ZERO: Like Swag, they made a BIG statement at Battle Bowl. If they do that in the Triad district, then they will be going to the playoffs – perhaps as the district champion.

Not a bad previous season for this version of the NWO. Now it’s time for them to start claiming more territory.

THE PACK: Like the NWO, this was not a bad season, especially against some very good teams. Can they make the jump into elite status?

: They have talent and a core group of good players. How well they do will depend on how much more of that they can get.

SNEAKY BANDITS: They are so sneaky that there’s not much information on them. Hopefully they can sneak themselves into getting some wins.

VILLAINS: Dudley Do Right and the Justice League of America got more of the edge on them last time around. Can they enlist Lex Luthor and Sinestro to help them in this campaign?

GATE CITY WARRIORS: They came in last place in this district, but they have a chance to make some moves here. Did they do enough during the off-season?

HIGH POINT HOT SHOTS: They got moved to this district from the Queens District. This may not play too well in their favor.

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