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Dansbury and Wheeler have some WCS Predictions

Jonathan Dansbury and Sagirah Wheeler give their opinions on this weekend’s matches.

Northeast Title Match Predictions

Northeast Title Matches are in full swing for July 2021. We will now dub Saturday July 17th as Title Day. We have FIVE title matches happening Saturday at AMF Bristol after the UBA NE Draft Event.

These events are coming off of a strong defense by Bryan Andes (Dysfunctional Bowlers) who beat Tyrone Curry (Powerhouse) in 7 games last Saturday at the Free for All Event at Majestic Lanes.

Uncapped Tag Team

For the Uncapped Tag Team Title we have Matthew Frei-Funk/David Nagelhout (Dysfunctional Bowlers) vs. Ryan Fortson/Christina Williams (Devastation Inc.). Will Dysfunctional Bowlers be able to pull out another win for a title, or will they be defeated by Fortson/Williams with Devastation Inc?

Prediction: Frei-Funk & Nagelhout will pull out the win in 5 games.

Classic Tag Team

For the Classic Tag Team Title we have Eddie Williams/Karla Pereira (Secret Society) vs. Josh Valdes/Jose Valdes (Da Hit Squad). Williams/Pereira were able to cause an upset to win the title last month. Will they be able to successfully defend their titles for the first time?

Prediction: Williams & Pereira will successfully defend in 7 games.


For the Welterweight Title we have Theodore Rampersant (Revolution) vs. Lisa Williams (Philadelphia Horsemen). Williams has been firing her way up the ladder for this match. Will she be able to come out with the win or will Rampersant successfully keep the title?

Prediction: Williams will pull out the win in 7 games.


For the Vixens Title we have Hermie Hannibal (Silent Killerz) vs. Dr. Sagirah Wheeler (Apex Predators). Hermie won the title from Yvette Ford and has been able to successfully keep it since. Dr. Wheeler is no stranger to the title either. Since losing it in December 2020, she has climbed her way back to the top. Who will take the title?

Prediction: Dr. Wheeler will pull out the win in 6 games.


For the Heavyweight Title we have Ducky Russell (Jer-Z Outlawz) vs. Douglas Herron (Matrix). Russell made is run and was able to successfully win the title. Herron is no stranger to having UBA titles and is looking to gain this one. Who will take this title?

Prediction: Herron will pull out the win in 6 games.


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