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Preview: WCS World Heavyweight Title Match

Dennis Killough gets to defend the World Title against someone not named James Kniffen.

It may have seen like years since Dennis Killough has had to defend the World Championship (and to be honest, it has been. 14 months, to be exact). But the member of King’s Court will be doing that this evening after the Season Brawl. His opponent: Josh Pittman, who has been waiting even longer – it’s been over five years for his chase to the title to get to this point. But who wins?

How Killough retains: Killough has to keep this match technical and make this a matter of business. He can’t let emotion get into play and he definitely can’t let Pittman get on a roll. He also needs to keep this match up as impersonal as possible: Ex-champion James Kniffen added some trash talking into the match and as a result, he got swamped by Pittman, who ended the affair in five.

How Pittman wins: Energy, energy, energy. Pittman is a fire player and a lot of his game is based on emotion. Pittman has to find a way to stay emotionally vested into the match, especially if he loses a few games early. And when he finds something, Pittman needs to make the adjustments when he gets cold very quickly – he will not be able to spend too long trying to figure out the transition against Killough.

Final Thoughts: The past few defenses for Killough have been snore-fests, just because of his demeanor and how quickly he was able to take a lead and dispatch of his opponents. This match could be the toughest title defense that Killough has had to deal with. Can he continue to make title defenses easy? I think he gets tested this time and while I think he holds on, a title change here would not be out of the question.

PREDICTION: Killough in 7

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