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UBA Post Up

What else do you think would be here?

3 guesses what the Northeast got on Sunday. First 2 don’t count.

Let’s chat about what the site will be covering this week….

  1. Snow. It’s still coming down. Probably a really good shot that leagues are getting cancelled this week. Also probably a really good relief from the UBA that no major events were scheduled during Super Bowl Sunday.
  2. The Brawl Series. Right now we have 8 of them. The layouts of who will be competing and where they are will be posted and updated.
  3. The UBA schedule. That will be updated this week as well.
  4. WCS. The major matches are starting next weekend. The ticker will be updated this week as well as the WCS rankings.
  5. Interviews, stories, etc. Hey we are in the middle of a snowstorm. So while we’re not going out, let’s have some fun watching the content coming in.

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