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Breaking Down Season Brawl #13

Gordon Pepper breaks down Season Brawl #13

Now wait a second, you may be thinking, #13? You just did #2 and now we’re jumping to #13?

Yes, we are. Because these are numbered in the order that they are announced, not the order that they are lined up in. But I’m going to give you the order in which they are playing, so…here’s once again are the gradings.

FAVORITES: One of the teams I think will win the whole thing
LEGITIMATE THREAT: Not one of the front-runners, but if they win it wouldn’t be a surprise
CONTENDERS: They could stick around for a while, but certain unexpected things need to swing their way for them to win
DARK HORSE: They COULD win, but A LOT of things need to swing their way – like a herd of charging buffalo goring half of the field

So let’s start:

THE M.O.B.: We spoke about them claiming first place in the Deep South. Well, now they are in this region and are looking to make some noise. There’s no reason why they won’t.

ROLLIN’ REBELS: Speaking of District winners, the Rebels want to add to their collection of wins. At least New Classic Tag Team Champions Kenny Snead and Jerry Didway do, and they are…on a roll. Ok I’ll go up to my room now and think about what I just did.

SYNERGY: Yet a third district winner – this one with Battle Bowl trophies to their name – wants to get in on the action. And with the pedigree that they have, you can’t go against them either. This bracket is loaded.

MENACE II SOCIETY: It’s hard to call a second placed district team not one of the favorites, but look at what they are up against. Still, a Battle Bowl playoff team deserves some respect here and if they are as sharp as they finished the season, they could win it here also.

HIGH OCTANE: They finished in second to the Rebels by a scant margin and they also have just a good a shot as anyone to win this. 5 Good teams here means that 2 of these teams are going to be stuck playing each other in the first round. OUCH.

PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE: They did finish in the top half of their district, but they have a very long road to hoe here with all of the killers in the front. Still, if they get a favorable draw, they could make it to the finals without seeing any of them. And if their handicap teams hold…anything is possible.

They need to perform better than how they finished last season or their business will be taken care of before the semi-finals.

If I don’t know anything about you and you’re a new team, you need to prove yourself. And they make a nice showing, but this bracket against these teams may not be where I would want to be making my debut. That being said, if Sub Zero pulls off the win here, that would be an incredible debut statement to make.

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