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UBA World Championship Series nine months later…The Return! Part 6 – Welterweight Title Match

Sunday December 27th 10:30am @ Lodi Lanes (Lodi, NJ)


The second season of the new Welterweight division has seen its share of champions, including first female Welterweight champion Jessica Del Valle (Bowling Bullies) who won the title on the biggest stage in the UBA, Battle Bowl. Since Battle Bowl 2019, the title changed hands twice. Don Plummer, who is on the same franchise as Kenny Washington (Dark Legendz), won the title in October, then defended the title in November vs. Nathan Bott (Bulletproof) and fellow teammate Jonathan Bertrand in December.

At the turn of 2020, enter Chris Schenck Jr. Schenck Jr. qualified on the list at Battle Bowl and has gone undefeated in his Welterweight tenure, 6-0 including 2-0 in title matches (January vs. Don Plummer – Dark Legendz, February vs. Joey Calixto – New Jersey Spartans). Schenck Jr has made an incredible run to this point, and he looks to end his short Welterweight career by staying undefeated going to 7-0 (Schenck Jr. will be a Cruiserweight bowler starting next season/next month). In his way of finishing off an undefeated Welterweight career is Dark Legendz’s Kenny Washington. Washington started his run a few months prior to the start of Schenck Jr.’s run. Qualified back in May 2019 and went 1-1 to finish the 2018-2019 season. Washington started the 2019-2020 season with a win vs. Rocco Mazza before taking his only loss this season to South Jersey Storm’s Dwayne Mitchell in October. Since the loss, Washington has reeled off 4 straight wins to become the 4th Dark Legendz bowler to make a title match in the Northeast Welterweight division (France held the title from April 2019-Battle Bowl 2019, Plummer held the title from October 2019-January 2020, Bertrand lost to Plummer in December 2019) and become the 3rd Dark Legendz bowler to win the Welterweight title.

In this big title matchup to end 2020, I give the champion the edge in this matchup, since the pandemic, I have not seen either bowler on the lanes much (that could be because I don’t get around to bowling alleys in North Jersey/New York as much as I am used to), but to say this match goes either way…it is possible, but my prediction goes to the champ and the undefeated 7-0 run. Schenck Jr. 4-2


Moneyline: Schenck Jr. -115, Washington -105

Over/Under Games in Match: 6.5 (Over +140, Under -110)

Spread: Schenck Jr. -1.5 (+100)

* – for entertainment purposes only


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