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This weekend’s match predictions

Gordon Pepper drops in with his choices

When I was the Entertainment Director, I made sure to avoid giving predictions because 1. I didn’t want to tick anyone off and 2. As I was also in charge of getting people in the series (and thank you all for a very successful 4 year run) I didn’t want to alienate anyone.

But now I’m the Operations Manager. So…heh heh heh heh heh.

Now I’m not going to be excessively mean, BUT I will give my predictions. So here we go

SAT 12/26
#1 CONTENDER George Williams (Replacements)
Lodi Lanes – 10:30am
THOUGHTS: If this was in March on paper, then Prell wins this one handily. However, it’s December, and both bowlers have been sidetracked. While Prell should still be considered the favorite, this will not shock me if Williams, who desperately wants this more than Prell does at the moment, snags the title in a major upset. Williams has to get the first few games here because if he doesn’t, Prell will roll over him. But if he does – and I think he may – then Prell’s wear-withall will be tested and while Trump may not have been successful, the other Republican may be.
PICK: Williams in 6

#1 CONTENDER Raul Renteria (Dysfunctional Bowlers)
#1 CONTENDER William Cron (Class Axe)
Lodi Lanes – 10:30am
THOUGHTS: I agree completely with Jonathan Dansbury on this one – Cron has to come out as the aggressor and follow the Carlos Jimenez blueprint on beating Renteria – make Raul move around and force him into making mistakes. Like Williams, Cron must get a few games early, but he can’t allow Raul to get locked in, because if he does, this one is over. If it goes to game 6, Cron must be up 3-2, and I do think it will get to Game 6 – but I also think the score will be reversed and Renteria closes it out.
PICK: Renteria in 6

CHAMPIONS Matthew Frei-Funk / David Nagelhout (Dysfunctional Bowlers)
#1 CONTENDERS Barry Allen / Allan Lewis (Suicide Squad)
Lodi Lanes – 10:30am
THOUGHTS: Congratulations to Suicide Squad for getting to this point. However, they are going up against a former NE Heavyweight Champion (who wants that belt back btw) and one of his disciples. For them to have any chance in this one, they have to target Frei-Funk and get the wins off of him and somehow find a way to get a win from Nagelhout. If they don’t get one early, it’s going to be a very short trip to Lodi.
PICK: DB in 5

SUN 12/27
CHAMPION Chris Schenck Jr. (Voodoo)
#1 CONTENDER Kenny Washington (Dark Legendz)
Lodi Lanes – 10:30am
THOUGHTS: Schenck has had a lot to deal with going through the past few weeks, and the layoff may have actually helped him. He can deal with this in two ways – either let the emotion get the better of him or use it to power up his game. Washington is a crafty veteran and he has the better mental game, which means Schenck needs to be on his game. I think he will be but I can see a changing of the guard here also. I can see this going either way, so coin flip….
PICK: Washington in 7

CHAMPIONS Raul Renteria / Bryan Andes (Dysfunctional Bowlers)
#1 CONTENDERS Dennis Knox / Eva Purcell (Bowling Bullies)
Lodi Lanes – 10:30am
THOUGHTS: The Lodi conditions will determine this outcome. If it turns into a strikefest, then DB will keep this rolling. If the lanes break down and it’s a grinder, then this one can go either way – especially if the Bullies can bully a few wins out of Andes and take one from Renteria early. I’m going to go with the champs but I think the challengers are going to give DB everything they want and then some.
PICK: DB in 7

CHAMPION James Kniffen (Sub-Zero)
#1 CONTENDER Josh Pittman (G.O.A.T.)
Village Lanes – 2pm
THOUGHTS: Kniffen has been on fire as of late, but Pittman will be bringing the emotion and the noise with him. I was in North Carolina when he lost to Dre Gaither in an incredible title match a few years back and while he is the underdog on paper, I think he will do everything he can to not let another title opportunity go by the wayside. Regardless, I think this one’s going 7, and if Kniffen takes Pittman lightly, there will be a new Southeast heavyweight champion.
PICK: Kniffen in 7


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