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The UBA Post-Up: Now What?

He’s not Al Pacino but he’s in control of the city.

If you’ve been paying attention to the COVID-19 patterns (and I’m sure you all have), then you would expect a spike to happen – and it has. And needless to say, that will affect bowling. How much?

1. Will New York shut everything down? New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has threatened to shut indoor dining down if the numbers go up. Right now that does not include bowling alleys, but will that change?

2. Here comes Phil Murphy again..again. As bowling alleys are considered ‘recreation’, they are spared from closing. For now. Will that change if the numbers, as expected, continue to go up?

3. The UBA Southeast Team Ranking Tournament is a go. For now. The UBA Team qualifying tournaments are coming up this weekend. As of right now, there’s over 30 teams that will be attending this event, which will be enforcing the COVID-19 rules to be enforced.

3. Lots of Covid-filled red states. The numbers aren’t going to go down after the Thanksgiving holiday.We know they are going to go up. How up are they going to go?

4. More WCS rising With the matches winding down during the holidays, the new lisys may be up soon. They will be on the website once they are up.

5. Vaccinations starting? Though this would be #1 any other week, and we know the vaccines are coming, they aren’t here…yet. But they will be, and when we get updates, the site will be updated as well.

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