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The Post-Up: Thanksgiving Hangover

No, that’s not Ray Smarsh

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving! So we end last week with good tidings and start this week with…well…suck. How bad? This is what we’re looking at this week.

1. Here comes Phil Murphy again. The Governor of NJ is going to have another press conference as to the shrinking of outdoor and indoor gatherings. What’s concerning is he’s also supposed to talk about shutting down youth bowling…and maybe adult bowling. We’ll be following this one.

2. Will New York follow suit? New York has been very quiet about shutting things down, BUT we know how close NY and NJ are with each other. Could we see some smoke from the next door neighbor?

3. Lots of Covid-filled red states. The numbers aren’t going to go down after the Thanksgiving holiday.We know they are going to go up. How up are they going to go?

4. Southeastern politics. There’s been lots of worries and complaining on how the Carolinas are going to act with the spreading of Covid. We are going to see how justified the concerns are.

5. Tournaments. Lots of tournaments. The UBA Team qualifying tournaments are coming up. We will be focusing on that in the weeks to come.

6. WCS rising World championship series games are being played and the results will be coming up. So will the results. Keep watching this site for the upcoming lists.

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