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UBA Post Up

The Post-Up: Starting to Gear up

New conferecnes displayed – and more!

So let’s do as the title says and gear up. For what, you say? For this:

1. UBA Districts are now up
If you want to see the configurations of the new UBA conferences and districts, wait no more. They are right here.

2. Trouble in New York again?
The Political heads in NY have been threatening to close things down if the numbers go up. Those things include bowling alleys. We’ll be paying very close attention for tomorrow’s news update.

3. Trouble everywhere else again?
If the numbers are going up here, then they are going up everywhere else. Does that mean more quarantined states from the NY perspective? Like plot #2, we’ll be keeping an eye out on this also.

4. North Carolina is in Phase 3
Many bowling alleys in the Southeast opened up again this past weekend. Now despite fears that bowling alleys could be a Covid-19 contact site, those fears never materialized and neither did the cases. Now it’s North Carolina’s turn to attempt to do the same.

5. Rash, Belmonte win titles.
Both Sean Rash and Jason Belmonte win PBA WSOB titles over the weekend. Will we ever see them in the UBA? Who knows? :O

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