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UBA Post Up

The Post-Up: Hold your Breath

This weekend can be very calm – or very sticky.

So who is holding their breath? Here’s the things to look at as we start the week:

  1. NY Bowling Alleys – Week 2
    What we do want to hear is that there’s lots of interest in the alleys. What we don’t want to hear is that there’s been an increase in Coronavirus and it’s being traced to bowlers. We need to keep the alleys open.
  2. Will Delaware and/or Maryland turn into a safe state?
    Right now, it’s a hot spot. With all of the tournaments that are going to happen this weekend, many tournament directors are hoping these states turn into safe spots.
  3. Will Ohio remain a safe state?
    The Akron Open is this weekend. Many decisions by the bowlers hinge on whether or not the state stays safe to go to without being stuck in a 14 day quarantine.
  4. Will Southeast Bowlers migrate to Georgia and South Carolina?
    That’s where the tournaments are. That’s also where most of the new virus cases are coming from. if the trends stay that way, will people still show up?
  5. Team Vs. Team challenges
    The DMV had a few matches that pit UBA teams against each other and the Southeast is in the process of doing the same. Now that NY is back in the action, will that trend continue?

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